Chapter 11

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I step out of the shop and lean up against the car.
This Ball was tonight and I was expected to attend and watch her from a distance.

I tap the gun that's on my waistband holster.

"Whats with you and her?" Asks Gino, nudging his head towards the shop.

My head turns in his direction.
I furrow my brow.

"What are you talking about?" I say, standing up straighter now.

"Look man, lots of people had that job before you, and none made it out alive." He laughs.

"She's not what you all make her out to be." I reply rolling my eyes.

"What? A brat?" He says with a smirk.

I couldn't hold in my anger at this point. Everyone likes to act like they know her so well. Like they seen her true colors, but they haven't.

I push him up against the car door and hold my forearm to his throat.

"She's not a brat and she can sure as hell kick your ass, so I would stop talking if I were you." I say.

He pushes me off and walks to the other side of the car, glancing back at me and giving me a dirty look.



I wasn't too sure about all the dresses in here. I had almost all the ones I see.

"Nothing is really sparking my interest.." I say as kindly as possible.

"Well that's because these are all old designs! I have something new for you. Especially since your meeting your future husband." Says Mariana.

My eyes widen and I stand shook.

"You know about that?" I ask as I walk closer to her.

"Everyone does." She says as she measures my waist without permission.

"But who told-" I begin.

"Yes yes! This new dress I have in should fit you well. It's new and will make all the other women jealous." She says with a smirk.

I laugh but on the inside I'm not laughing. I really hope Liam doesn't know about this..

"Aspetta un minuto." She says as she walks behind a rose gold curtain.

I sit down in the chair and play with the gold ring that belonged to my mother. My father gave it to her for their anniversary. Surprisingly it fits me and I wear it all the time.

When she comes back out she's holding one of the most simple yet gorgeous dress I have seen.

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