Chapter twenty

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Maeko grabbed the plates from the table, pilling them up, and just when I stupidly thought he was going to be a great, kind friend and wash up for us, he dumped half of them into my hands.

"Really? I just cooked, you're really going to make me wash up too?"

"You call that cooking?" Azael asked from behind me.

I placed the plates into his hands. If he wanted to be a little bitch, he could also help wash up. He cocked a brow.

"Maeko can do it."

I fisted the black material of his t-shirt in my hand and began walking to the kitchen, he let me drag him along.

"You." I tugged on his shirt harder, "Can help us."

"Mhm," Maeko agreed.

Azael muttered something under his breath.

Maeko began washing and Azael began drying while I put the dishes away.

There weren't many dishes as there weren't that many of us, so it only took Maeko one long one man song before we were finished.

It also didn't take long for Maeko to smash a fucking plate.

Azael made him clean it up, "We've got three bottles of vodka," Maeko said, picking up the broken pieces of the plate.

Three? I was friends with a bunch of light weights and Maeko brought three bottles of vodka?


"Too bad she's a bad drunk." Azael told him, passing me the last fork.

I snatched it away from him with a laugh.

"Too bad he's a cock who needed me to nurse him the last time I was apparently being a 'bad drunk," I told Maeko.

He really couldn't go five fucking minutes without pissing me off.

Azael turned towards me after I put the fork in the draw, a stupid smirk on his face that suggested anything but amusement.

"At least I'm not a light weight as well as a bad drunk."

Me? A lightweight?

"At least I'm not an alcoholic."

"At least I can cook fucking food."

"Oh yeah? Well at least I'm not a twat."

He laughed, "Mhm, you think so?" He stepped closer. I stepped closer.

"Yeah I do."

"Too bad she's a prick." He turned to Maeko.

It was my turn to laugh, "Ooh, you're funny." I said sarcastically.

Maeko stepped between us then when I took another step closer. "You both act like children." He paused, "Literally children."

I didn't act like a child. He acted like a child.

My eyes rolled unintentionally and I muttered, "Dickhead."

"Oh my god." And with that, Maeko left the kitchen, the door slammed shut, filling the silence before Azael felt the need to continue our unavoidable argument.

"What did you just say?" His head lowered and he walked towards me.

Was that meant to be intimidating?

"I called you a dickhead."

I didn't step back as he moved closer and closer towards me to the point where it was a repeat of our close proximity only a half hour ago.

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