[Memories] Chapter 12: A Sweet Offer

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So that's what Evie, your close friend looks like. I'm sorry if it still reminded you of something.. Horrific and depressing.

Also no one answered what I asked at the last author's note. So, here is Chapter 12. Ya dick.

Two decades ago...

Eastview Academy
3:30 P.M.


The clock hits 3:30 and for that, the final class ends for dismissal. It's Friday so the weekends start tomorrow and school starts again at Monday with the same schedule following every week.

Class starts, lesson lectures for hours recess a few more classes, lunch and a few more classes, and finally dismissal in vice versa. Typically everyday I experience it in every grade year that I have been at, as so do the others at school.

However though, I wasn't sure yet of what kept me from being bored during classes, it wasn't lessons that had my interests. But it's because of Evie, and lately we've always been at each other's side for almost the whole week since the first day of classes just four days ago. From class sessions, to recess, and lunch. And mentioning the fact that we shared a more than a few glanced at each other, which we are embarrassed of.

As I packed all my stuff to my bag, I looked at Evie who is doing the same as I, packing from reading materials to writing materials.

Y/N: "So.. It's Friday, what're you gonna do for the weekend tomorrow?" Her attention turned to you as she hummed.

Evie: "Back in Japan, I always do my excess homework after a couple hours of coming back home. But since we don't have any homework, I don't know now." She replied. "What about you? What do you do in the weekends?" She'd ask you the same.

Y/N: "Oh me? Same thing as you but I try to experiment something with cooking. You know, different spices, different ingredients, and ways to cook."

Evie: "Are you going to become a chef in the future?"

Y/N: "Maybe. But I haven't thought what I'd be if I graduate after college." You said after you put the last of your belongings in your bag and zipped it close. "Anyways, I'm heading to the cafeteria, wanna come?"

Evie: "What is it that you want from there?"

Y/N: "Milktea. Can't get enough of it." You'd chuckle. "You wanna go with me or not?" She'd nod yes in response. "Alright it's set, come on."

Both Evie and I walked out the classroom together, walking down the four staircases again whilst walking at beside each other. Some students began to notice and even some smiled at this but this made me and Evie feel embarrassed, but she went closer and closer to my side and thus making our shoulders touch.

I felt my face getting redder and redder at every minute and I couldn't look at Evie at this state. But I can imagine her complexities resembling that of a ripe tomato.

Eventually we reached the canteen after a couple of minutes.

Going to the permanent booth settled beside the dairy section of the canteen, I saw that there was a student there taking their order. In fact there was only several students inside the canteen currently, either sitting on one of the tables or buying their meal.

After the student left the Milktea booth when he got his preferred flavor, I finally placed an order for a 'Choco-saurus delight' which is my favorite. I bought the large size of it which costed about $1.50 which isn't much considering I have several dollars in my pocket. I only ever get to buy it twice a week.

Evie: "I have never tried milktea before in my life.."

Y/N: "Is that so? Would you like to try what I ordered?"

I saw her reaction was a bit hesitant at first but gradually and quickly she'd accept to try it.


Evie: "はい. I.. Would like to try it a bit please."

It took about almost seven minutes for the milktea to be finally finished, once I was handed over the chocolate milktea I took a red straw from a container that came with more than several straws of different colors.

I shook the milktea gently to get the best flavor out of it for several seconds, I know it may sound ridiculous but that's just how the way I like it before I pierce the thin plastic wrap cover at the top with the straw.

Y/N: "Mmm.. God I can't get enough of this!" You'd express as you turned to Evie standing beside you. "Oh right! Here, try it." You offered her the milktea.

Evie gently took it from me and took a sip of it. I see a slow smile forming on her face as she softly giggles. That reaction, is just too wholesome, not gonna lie.

Evie: "I like it." You chuckled a bit at her reaction.

Y/N: "Score! Would you also like one too?" She nodded yes in response as she returns the chocolate milktea to you. "One more choco-saurus please!" You ordered. "Regular or Large?" You asked Evie.

Evie: "Regular for now please."

Y/N: "Right, regular."

Before I was able to pay, Evie called my attention saying she wanted to pay for it as she got a few dollars that she was given by her father, but I hesitated by saying that this one's on me and she doesn't owe me for it. But she too also hesitated saying that she should be the one to pay for it.

So this time, I gave in. I let her pay as she hands over the one dollar to the cashier whilst her milktea was still being made. Out of all the colors she chose from the container of straws, she chose the red one. The same color as mine. Which, I did not expect. It's nothing special right?

After less than several minutes of waiting, her milktea was finally done as the cashier hands the milktea over to Evie.

We both got our milktea which is good considering that it's hotter than usual outside. We walked out the canteen together whilst drinking our cold, refreshing, chocolate beverage.

As we we're walking down the school's bus zone saw both of our designated school buses and for that we both said goodbye to each other. She walks to her bus but before she stepped in, she bowed to me before going inside.

I wish I could tell her that she's welcome but I returned a smile to her. And that smile, it was still there even after going home. But I didn't care. I was happy in bliss, and I did not want it to be gone for a few more hours.

I'm glad that I got to be her friend.

You're creeping me out.. Stop it.

4:10 P.M.

Evie's POV

Arriving at my home in the local suburb after a twenty minute ride from the school bus when stepping out of it, I entered inside and took off my shoes. My mother greeted me with a welcome and asked how was school but never said a word and went upstairs to my room.

Placing the already finished milktea on my desk placed at the middle of my room beside my bed. I started to laze about inside my room and for that reason, had nothing much to do for the rest of the day now since school's over for the rest of the weekend.

However, the thought of Y/N came in again. Back then, I never made a single friend from pre-school to Grade 7. Even after graduation, I have never made a single friend. At that point I wanted to change. Until I came across Y/N, whom helped me change the way I felt about myself.

I became clouded with my own thoughts as I looked at the ceiling of my own room. I very much looked forward to see where our friendship goes. As long as I have him, it's fine with me. If he wasn't born abroad and is in the same prefecture that I was in back in Japan, I wished I would've met him sooner.

But I can safely say. I, Evie Shuoko. After spending twelve years without making a single friend. Had finally made one.

And that, I didn't get any sleep for that night.


Time to go back where the demon girls are now.

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