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"Wake up Y/N-ah. It's your special day!" Your brother exclaims as he shook your body for the last few minutes of your deep sleep. His loud voice echoed through your ears, causing you to fully wake up.

Once your eyes opened, you were greeted by a simple cake right in front of your face. "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Y/N-ah, happy birthday to you!" Your Mom and brother sang in unison as they let you blow the candles. "Make a wish!" They say before you close your eyes and hoped that these happy days would last forever.

They both cheered once the candles' lights were gone. It was your birthday. Today was your special day. A day you had been waiting to celebrate with your loved ones. You smiled at them and they gave you their warmest hug. You missed this.

"Ah, thank you for this guys. You do know you don't have to do this," you murmured but Mom quickly shut you off.

"Of course, we have to do this. It's your special day!" She again took you for another hug. You immediately hugged back.

Jungwon scoffed. "Hey! Why aren't you inviting me for a hug?" He pretends to cry as Mom pinches him and told him to join their cuddle. "That's a lot better." You all chuckled.

"Let's go now. Our birthday girl must be still processing that her day is today." Your Mom giggled. "Dress nicely okay? A lot of friends of mine are coming over to check up on our family." She winked at you before dragging Jungwon along with her.

You smiled, still holding the cake between your hands. It had a simple decoration and a simple remark that was written on the top of the cake. "Happy Birthday our dear Y/N. Enjoy your day!" That truly warmed your heart. They made all of these efforts just to greet you on your special day. Speaking of birthdays, would your seven anpanmans come to the party? You surely hope they do.

Smiling from ear to ear, you got up from your bed and slowly placed the cake on top of your desk. You were back in your old room again. The room where everything started. You'll miss the room you had in the boys' house. You wandered to your closet and were surprised to see a white rectangular box laying in the middle of your wardrobe like it was waiting for you to open it. There was a small note attached at the top and you grabbed it.

"Happy Birthday our Y/N. On your outstanding day, we would love it if you wear this elegant outfit we picked especially for you. Don't worry, we'll come to the party your mother held, she invited us already." Your eyes widened at the last statement you read. Mom invited them already?! "We hoped you liked the dress all of us had agreed on, we wish to see you wear this when we arrive at the party."

You smiled widely before putting the note beside you and grasping the white box in front of you. When you opened it, the dress was really beautiful. It was light pink with shimmering glitters around it. Some designs perfectly matched the dress' tone. There were also a pair of sandals inside the box, it looked brand new. It might be new actually.

You placed the box on the soft mattress of your bed before getting ready to take a shower. Your family knew the relationship you're kind of going with the boys and she squealed once she heard the news. She kept inviting them over and telling them they should call her Mom instead of Auntie. That was so embarrassing!

Anyway, these past few months had passed like a blur. Your 'dad' went to jail and was bound to rot there for years, that was the court had said. You were relieved knowing your father won't ever bother you again. You can't bear seeing his face every day, it makes you want to kill him. Kidding aside, you would do that. You remember going home and then seeing your mom and brother full of bruises with their bodies tied in a rope. They couldn't move, eat or go out for days. Yes, your dad who you admired the most back then, did that. Drips of blood were also in the room with the two, it was terrifying you must say. You simply hope it would never happen again.

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