Chapter 13: A Pint to Break

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A couple days later after Beelzebub's introduction in to the Harem...

6:38 P.M.

Currently at this time, you were washing Ceberus' dishes at the kitchen with both of your ears wearing a pair of wireless earphones playing your favorite type of genre of music that helped set the mood when doing this chore. Sometimes you'd even sing along of some songs that had lyrics in it that you know of but you did this quietly so it wouldn't catch anyone's attention. But while you were in your good mood someone in particular was lurking behind you, watching your every move but your instincts did not show this as you were vibing through your music spitting your ears with catchy beats.

Y/N: "Alright that should be the last of it." You said while drying both of your hands.

Suddenly out of the blue a pair of arms held the back of your neck and their head leans against yours.

This made you jump unexpectedly.

Justice: "Sup Y/N. Jeez you don't gotta jump from that." She chuckled.

Y/N: "Justice! I-I just didn't know you were here so.. I'm a little jumpy, maybe you could understand."

Justice: "Ehh no worries. Anyways I'm bored staying inside the house this past week cause I've obviously got nothing new to do."

Y/N: "Nothing to do eh? You sure you don't wanna help around the house?"

Justice: "Nah." She'd decline.

You were slightly disappointed at her answer but of course this was to be expected out of a Demoness always looking for something to do for their liking.

Y/N: "Fine you wanna go out drinking at the local pub or something?" You said while taking off your apron and putting it on a hanger.

Justice: "Great idea you smart bastard! That's a place where we could find some action!" She expressed excitedly.

Y/N. : "Please no fighting.." You worriedly thought to yourself.

On the other hand though, Zdrada was doing some eavesdropping between the two of you. On her mind she wanted to join even if you reject she'd still come along just like what happened back at hell when Helltaker himself was gathering the harem altogether. This could be an opportunity for her to find something to do while boredom slowly kills her. With a cigarette in her hand, she tries to flick it to light with her fingernails as it was like flint and steel but all of a sudden you came in and took the wrap of tobacco straight from her.

Y/N: "You know what Takes says about smoking inside the house right?"

Zdrada: "Yeah I know. But that doesn't mean I give a shit pisspot. By the way, overheard you were going out with Justice so you wouldn't mind tagging along yeah?"

Y/N: "Yeah I guess so.. I wouldn't mind only if you would-"

Zdrada: "Oh shut up let's do this. I haven't even done my share of the house yet." She'd cut you off.

This irritates you a little but that's to be expected out of the bitch demon who rarely cares for anything at all.

Y/N: "All he told you was just stop smoking inside the house and fix your bed..." You muttered.

But nonetheless you told where you three are going, Helltaker who was sitting on the couch Lucifer herself he would give a thumbs up and told you to not cause any harm and be careful on the way. The three of you went out from the front door and walked to the local pub.

Walking down the empty street the skies' color were that of an orange hue as the blue starts to be taken over and the wave of cumulus clouds slowly starts to cover the whole sky partially. For you though this was a breath of scenery and Justice describe how quiet the day was with Zdrada following her but with her own choice of words, some vulgar, some tasteful. As long as the way is paved straight without mistakes. Everything should be fine. Or at least, that is how you look at it.

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