Chapter 36

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The days fly by so fast and it's already Wednesday

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The days fly by so fast and it's already Wednesday. We are currently at the campus eating lunch but this time Jungwon, Ni-Ki and Sunoo finally joined us.

"We wish to have the same schedule with all of you and have a chance to sleep over at Noona's house". Sunoo pouts while munching his food.

"Someday, I will invite the three of you only with Yuri and stay at the house until you want". I replied not minding the glare from the older guys.

"We love that! Solo time with Noona". Jungwon clicked his tongue while looking at the other to annoy them.

"You know we're here?". Jake asked while looking at me deadly.

"That's favoritism!". Sunghoon added.

"Favoritism should be illegal in this country". Jay just shook his head.

"You're just jealous". Ni-Ki said without meeting the older brother's eye, afraid to be nagged.

I hold my laughter while I tap Ni-Ki's foot to stop him. Just then Geonu arrived at our table. I looked up to see him.

"Oh, what are you doing here?". I asked him.

"Auntie just wanted to give the invitation for Sloan's birthday party tomorrow". He put a piece of paper on the table.

"I'm not going. You can give that to Jeonghoon". I got the paper and passed it to him but he's not accepting it.

"Jeonghoon is working and he's not there so you can have that". He pushed it to me.

"It's useless! I'm not goi-". He just left me here not waiting to finish my sentence.

The class ended and I went to Jeonghoon's office to drop off the invitation but he's not there. I just sighed and left. I'm on my way back to the classroom to get something when I saw Heeseung waiting there.

"Why are you still here?". I asked him then walked in the room to get the things I forgot.

"I'm just curious, I mean if you don't mind of course. I wanted to know the reason why you don't want to come to your brother's birthday?". I stopped moving because of his question.

"Step brother, what am I going to do there? I'm just lonely, well not lonely anymore because you're there- whatever but yeah there's no reason for me to go there". I explained, trying my best to explain it calmly.

"My father and I don't have a good relationship. Besides, the party will be good without me". I added.

"Do that for your brother- I mean step brother, both of you still have the same father. Don't you want to have peace?". He walked towards my place.

"Forgive them, forgive your father. I can see that they are trying to be there for you especially when you need a parent the most". He bent down to level me and hold my arm.

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