Chapter 37

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"When I got home from your house I saw Dad and Mom talking and they looked so serious

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"When I got home from your house I saw Dad and Mom talking and they looked so serious. I already know something, I tried to brush that off on my mind but it actually came". Yuri finally calmed down and started to talk.

"I mean how did they get to decide that easily? They've been married for almost 19 years yet they still do not have a happy ending". She continued.

I stayed quiet and listened to her attentively. I make sure that she doesn't feel lonely in this situation.

"I've been sneaking out every midnight to eat food. I know I'm in the middle of drama but food is life. I need food to continue the drama". I ended up cracking in laughter hearing her story.

"Like duh~ it's not easy to cry, it's so exhausting. I feel so tired that I need energy that you can only find in foods". I'm getting out of breath because of her.

"Yo-you, oh my god. Yuri I know that you love food but I didn't know that you would be like that". I replied, still laughing.

"Stop laughing, I'm just telling the truth". She started to eat the food I bought.

In just a snap of a finger the food is already gone.

"I think Heeseung and I will fight again". I said and sat down across her seat. We're still in her room.

"What did he do?". She still fixed her eyes on the remaining food.

"He didn't do anything but we kinda argued about my father-". I let out a heavy sigh.

"Auntie Hayoon gave us an invitation for Sloan's birthday, I bet you already know what I'm going to do-"

"I'm not going"

"You're not going"

We both said at the same time.

"Enough with me. Auntie wants to see you, she's been worried about you". I said and held her hand.

"You need to see her, she needs you to be on her side. The situation is also hard on her side, this is her marriage and her family. No one wants to be like this". I added.

I get ready to leave after spending a couple of hours in her room. I went to the door and got out. I didn't try to push her again to go out of her room if she didn't want it. I know Yuri already knows what she should do.

"How is she?". Auntie greets me once I'm walking down the stairs.

"She's okay, Auntie. She just needs a little time to process everything". I said and said goodbye to her to get home.

I finally got home and ate dinner then went to my room to freshen up to do my school work before going to bed.

I just noticed a lot of text from Heeseung. I didn't check my phone earlier when I'm with Yuri. I don't have time and I wanted to focus on Yuri.

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