~Chapter 8~

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"Where do you think your going?" Kyo said in his sleepy voice. The question caught you off guard. You thought you could sneak away from the scene without being notice, but that plan was slowly coming apart at the seams. 

"I-i was just gonna start heading home. I don't want to over stay my welcome, do I?" you said, plastering a smile on your face. 

"Are you sure your feeling better?" he questions as he rubs his eyes. Trying to make his sleepiness go away. He noticed how hurried you seemed, and how your eyes kept straying to the door. 

"Yeah! I'm feeling much better! I just need to get home..." you trail off, losing your train of thought. Your brain just blanked right then and there. Your eyes stayed on one spot of the wall, as you seemed to be in a trance. 

"Okay... I guess you should get home...We do have school tomorrow." Kyo said as he got to his feet. He walked over to you and waved his hand in front of your face. "Are you sure your okay?" he questioned, once again. 

You quickly snapped out of it and replied with a, "I'm sure!" He nodded his head, as the two of you said your goodbyes. And just as you were about to leave through the front door, Kyo run's up to you with his coat and stops you in your tracks. 

"You dummy! You need to wear something warm." he said as he shoved his coat in your arms, paying no mind to your opinion on the matter at all. Wanting to get out of there as fast as you could, you quickly pulled the jacket over you and zipped it up. 

"I'll see you later." you said, closing the front door. The coldness of the air hit you, but it wasn't as bad as before. The wind still blew as you walked home, same as the sun still shone in the sky. The walk back home seemed to last longer than usual. 


You got to the front door of your home, grabbing the spare key that was hidden behind a light that hung off the side of the wall. You put the key in the keyhole, but to your surprise the door was unlocked. You weren't sure if you had locked the door in the first place or not, so your brain paid it no mind. 

You flopped on the floor the second you got inside. The light's were on and the sound of boiling water met your ears. You didn't care though. You were still tired, after everything that had happened. 

So there you laid. Your eyes closed. You could hear the slightest foot steps as someone, or something, walked towards you. 

"Y/n! Your home!" a familiar voice screeched in an excited voice. "Oh, how I've missed you!" the voice said again. Your body shot up and your eyes did the same. 

It was your father. The one you hadn't seen in what felt like forever. You knew his voice sounded familiar, but at the same time, it seemed more distant. You stared at your father's face in awe, wondering if this was all real. 

But then you heard them. Multiple footsteps that did not belong to your father. Some of them seemed heavier than other's, and the smaller ones seemed like they were bouncing off walls. You got up off the ground, curious as to what was going on around you. 

And there they stood. 

Your new family. 

More like your father's "new family". You had never seen, nor heard, of any of the people standing in front of you. You weren't even sure if they were related to him in any way. But the way he acted with this new women, and how similar the two little children looked to him was uncanny.

You and your dad looked alike, but the truth was, you looked way more like your mother, from what you had heard, than you do you father. When you were born, they even questioned if the baby was really his. But it was undeniable that these two toddlers were his. 

The resemblances was so obvious, you would have to be oblivious to almost everything not to realize. 

"Let me introduce you guys to each other!" he states as he pulls the new women in front of him, one arm on each of her sides. "This is Yumi! We got married while I was over sea's." 

Those words shocked you. They got "Married?" Now that was unexpected. You had thought that maybe he had gotten her knocked up by accident and that they were just trying things out, but. Really? Marriage? 

The little kids looked 3, maybe 4. And the fact was, you had seen your father in the years that they were alive. But he didn't think to tell you the truth? That you had sibling's and a supposed, new mom? 

"And these little rascals are, Hina and Mikai. Their twins!" 

To be continued...

(i didnt proofread sorry if there are mistakes...)

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