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Okayy.....yes....it takes a fucking while for me to update....and i am so mad at myself for that     but i'm just rlly busy right now, since i have a testweek right now....with alot of tests that i need to study for..... so i'm really Sorry guys...i'm trying...



Leonardo pov

Fucking God......

We dont know where to start....it has already been 1 day....and that to damn

We have been trying to track him down..... or to find some warehouses of his...but we didn't succeed....

Right now we had a plan...some of our men were catching one of their men, who so happened to he spying on us, and then we were gonna torture him until he gave us the location.

"God damn it.....how long till they get here....?"
Giovanni asked.

We were all sitting in the office Right now....waiting till they arrived... with one of those fuckers.

We were all back like we were before Lina was born....in the dark...emotionless....evil....cruel.....

It was true....Lina was the light in our dark world...and now our light was gone....and we didn't know where it was was...or what was happening with her.....i swear to God if that fucker even lays a hand on her i wi-

My thoughts were interupted by my phone.

I growled.

"Yes boss, we got 3 of them, we are bringing them to the basement right now, what do you want us to do?"
I heard one of our men.

"Just beat them up, but dont!, and i repeat dont, kill them or bruise them to bad, we need them"
I said.

"Yes boss, we will be waiting for you guys to arrive"
He said.

And i hung up, our men...they were the most loyal...no Mafia had men like ours, they were loyal, respected us...

"They got 3 of them, lets go"
I said.

And with that all of my Brothers and cousins stormed out, with me in front....hell was about to break loose on the 3 men...

Unknown pov

I woke up in my bed, with a headache.....well....we did have a big celebration yesterday....oh that reminds me....i left the little one in the basement all day and night...and i forgot to feed her......well to bad...

I got up and did my morning routine and got dressed, i then went downstairs to the kitchen, and my seconds in comand Vladimir, Olive, Drakov, and some other well trusted men were already there, chatting.

"Goodmorning gentlemen"
I said.

I was greeted with alot of goodmorning back.

"So....how is the little one?"
Drakov asked.

"I dont know...we forgot to feed her the whole day yesterday....and we left her in the cold basement....but that doens't matter, what does matter is that we shall make a plan on how to raise the girl"
I said.

They all smirked at 'plan'....because we all knew how she was gonna get raised.

We then ate breakfast and discussed some stuff about the girl.....and we then decided to get the little one.

"Okay....lets go"
I said.

We walked down to the basement, and all the way to a empty, dark amd cold hallway, and if you kept on walking, you would see the only door at the end of it.....the room of the girl.

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