Chapter 38

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We keep on walking while following our prof and listening to her

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We keep on walking while following our prof and listening to her. I find history kinda interesting but I'm not good at memorizing their setting, I'm more on knowing the story. I just hope that whenever I'm having history class it's either in the morning or before lunch time. If it's afternoon class I probably feel sleepy every class.

We finally reached the most awaited one, we all gathered around. I found another angle to see it properly, I walked to the other side and bumped into Heeseung.

"I'm sorry, I can't see it". I tiptoe but I still can't.

"Come here". He pulled my wrist and pushed me to his place.

"Short kid". I heard him mumble.

"I heard that". I said.

"I know-". He suddenly back hugged me.

"And I like you being short, I'm able to do this". He replied with his face above my shoulder.

"Are you aware that we are in the middle of the class?". I chuckled softly.

"And what did you say? I am supposed to feel great for calling me short?". I slightly looked at him, since our faces were just an inch away from each other.

"Let's go somewhere else". Before I replied he already intertwined our hands and pulled me away from the group.

"Where are we going?! Heeseung!". I tried to stop but he's too strong.

"We should go back-". We turned to the other corner.

"I'm telling you Heeseung, we might get lost". He finally stopped in front of some paintings that I don't understand.

"What is that?". I asked him while looking up.

"I don't know either". He laughed while catching his breath.

"Then why did you take me here?! Let's go back-". I turned around but his hand stopped me.

"I wanted to be with you, I know we're kinda not on good terms". He tapped the seat beside him.

"What do you mean not in good terms?". I just laughed at him and sat beside him.

"The things I-"

"Shush! Just stop talking about what happened yesterday". I leaned back while looking at the painting with my two hands supporting me.

"I'm going, okay?". I looked at him.

"To your brother's birthday?- I mean your step brother's birthday?". He looked at me in shock.

"It's fine with just brother. I know I don't want it but you want it". I replied and smiled.

"I know you have good intentions and you just want what is best for me. You should be thankful that I love you". I raised my eyebrows up and down.

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