Extra Chapter : THREE

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Time flies, it's true and when you are happy time flies super fast. 3 year passed after, Mr. Xiao and Ms. Shu Yi got permission on their relationship from Zhan and Jiyang. In this three year nothing much changed but, Jiyang and Hao Xuan came home completing their graduation and it's been five months since they got married.

Mr. Xiao and Ms. Shu Yi also got married just after Hao Xuan and Jiyang's marriage. Everyone is happy for Mr. Xiao. Finally after his two son are happy and settled down, now he also can be happy.

Zhan's and Jiyang's new mom, loved them more like biological mother. She proved that, for being a mother you don't have to connected with blood. If you are a good human being and know how to love, you can be the best mother. Now, Zhan and Jiyang having both mother's love. And Mrs. Xiao also love Zhanjin, Haikuan, Hao Xuan, Jackson and Jinyoung, just like she love Zhan and Jiyang. In this 3 years, all of Wang and Xiao kids got addicted by Mrs. Xiao Shu Yi's love. Now whenever, they got time, they visit Xiao Mansion for their another mom. Oh, yes... Zhanjin, Haikuan, Jackson and Jinyoung also called Xiao Shu Yi momma.

Mrs. Wang also got a best friend. In all these years, they mixed up like, they know each other from birth. Whenever they got time, they met go for shopping and tea. Sometimes, Mrs. Park (Jinyoung's mother) tag along with them.

Mr. Xiao and Mr. Wang retired from their position. Zhan and Jiyang now handling their business. They mostly do all works from home, they visit office two days in a week. Xuan also join with Haikuan and Jacky. And Yibo, he completed his dream, His project of build a free university for poor students got passed now he is also working hard with his project also he is head of a university. Everyone is busy with their work. Zhanjin and Jinyoung got the responsibility of five children. Now there is a question, how five? Well, Zen, Yi Zhen, Yi Xian, Jaein and Grandpa. Jaein is youngest daughter of Wang family, adopted by Jackson and Jinyoung. And grandpa is also always busy with his great grand children.

Zen, Yi Zhen and Yi Xian is seven years old now and Jaein is five years old. They all studying in same school. Zen, Yi Zhen and Yi Xian are in same class but, Jaein is there junior so, both of three protect Jaein like a treasure. No one can scold Jaein, if anyone did then whoever is she/he doesn't matter. His/her death was called by him/her. Also, Zen and Yi Zhen protective towards Yi Xian. They love their two of sisters more than anything. Even they are cousins and all of them aren't real siblings but, the bond they share, it's more then blood connection. They share bond of love, love of sisters and brothers.

And lastly, Mr. Xiao, Mr. Wang and Mr. Park(Jin Young's father) are always together hanging out in golf club or doing picnic.

Even everyone is busy doing their responsibilities but, their bond as family growing stronger day by day. After a super busy day, when everyone came home. They sit together and talk about their busy day, what they like, what they didn't like, what they did. If there any funny things happened? If anyone got angry with anyone? They tried their best to spend more time with their family.

Every weekend they go to picnic or have lunch or dinner outside. They enjoy their every second with full happiness. They know, how to be happy with each other.


"What are you doing bae?!" Zhan said, hugging Yibo from back.

"Hmm..? Nothing just, checking on the progress." Yibo replied, doing his work.

"You busy?!" Zhan whispered softly, in Yibo's ear.

Yibo closed his eyes, took a deep breath, closed his laptop and hold Zhan's hand,

"I'm never busy for you." Yibo said.

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