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Chapter 15

Avni after attending collage went to cafe. From yesterdays event she didn't want to continue it but she will not leave it in the middle. As her father always used to say her

"When we start something , we should also have to end it."

So how can she not follow his steps that's why she decided to leave the job at the ending of this month and not before informing them so that they can find someone as her replacement.

Actually , she dont want to leave it but she has to ,as she dont to give him anymore reasons to hate her.

After changing into her working attire she took her her April and started to prepare orders.




It was 6:30pm  , cafe was very crowded at this time workers dont even have a min to take a breath peacefully. Avni to was running from table to table to take the orders as others were busy.

After completing her work she was standing waiting for radhika to come when her phone rang. It was very unusual for her to get a call at this time as Shwetama call her at night to talk and she dont have much people to talk then who it could be.

She slowly took it out to see an unknown number flashing on the screen. She dont know whether she  should pick it or not.

But it can be important also. She was debating in her mind , when it stopped ringing , she signed peacefully but her happiness didnt stay for long as it started ringing again.

So taking a deep breath she received it. Before she could say any thing the person started speaking.

Person - Is it take this long to pick a simple call.

She knew the person

It was him

but why he was calling her

Oh! god did I do something wrong again

Neil  - are you even listening what i am speaking he asked her with a frown

Avni licked her botttom lips and  immediately nodded as if he was in front of her.

Neil - i want my answer in words he asked her  knowing her habit of nodding as an answer  instead of speaking.

Avni shockingly started looking around to see whether he was looking at her.

Neil- Now stop looking around , I am not there and listen what i am telling you he said  tiredly rubbing his temple from one hand.

Avni - hmm....

Neil - see today I got the invitation to the party.  I wont be able to attend it since I have a meeting with a client. So the thing is you have to attend it alone.

Avni- par......party??she asked confusingly as she didnt know about any  party

Neil - Yeah your sister's birthday party tonight."  he replied her

Avni didn't know what to say that her family didn't invited her , that her family didnt want her to be the part of their happiness.

What she should be saying that she don't want to go there.?And if he asked why then? What would she answer? As he didn't knew the pain she endured there, he knew nothing about her.

So , she decided to just go with the flow.

Avni- okay I will g...go there she tried to answer normally to not give him any hint about her inner turmoil.

neil - Okay I will send Harris to drop and pick you there.

She got alarmed. Why his driver.

Avni - No there's no need for that she replied immediately , pressing her lips tightly to one another.

Neil got confused hearing her sudden reply.

Neil- Harris will drive you and that's final he said sternly leaving no room to argue so she nodded

Neil- I want answer in word is that clear he said looking at his file intently as if it was her and he wanted to see whats going on with her.

Avni - Okay she replied

For some minutes  both didn't cut the call as if waiting for other to say something. Neil realised that she isn't going to say anything so he decided to speak

Neil - okay and immediately cut the call. He wanted to say take care or bye but he didnt knew how to say that. He wan never a lovey-dovey type of guy who knew how to speak to women's he only knew how to give order.

It was a nearly 4 hours drive Avni was sitting in the car debating in her mind whether she should be going there or not.Her mind was not working.

I will not stay there long. Yeah I will just give gift to any of a maid and will leave immediately.

Yeah , will do this only.

She came out of her thought when Harris called her informing they have reached. She looked outside and get shocked it was not the mansion where she was living earlier it was the villa  where her father and she used to live.

She stepped out of the car clutching the gift tightly which Neil had send for her to give. She stood there looking the lightening  which was  decorated lavishly for don't know how much time.

Harris- Mam are you okay he asked her seeing her standing like a statue

Avni turned back looking him and nodded then started taking stepping forward.

She entered inside and looked all around. Whole villa  was beautifully decorated with different lightening. Waiters were serving different drinks guest were talking among themselves.

Looking at the it all  memories started flooding in her mind every moment she spend here with her father , his laugh , his care, his talks everything.

Her eyes started filling with tears remembering her father it was the first time she came here after his death if would have know it earlier that they have arranged it here then she wouldn't have came in the first place.

Suddenly someone held her elbows tightly and drag her at the  secluded room. She looked up to see it was her aunt.

Hetal- What are you doing here ?. Didn't I told you before that I don't want to see your filthy face and where is Neil. Don't tell me that you did something and he left you. She asked narrowing her eyes at her.

Avni - no he......he was busy so......h...he asked me to.....come here she replied fidgeting with her fingers looking down.

Hetal- Oh ! really or is it because you may have done something and now you are trying to cover it up with your lies right. That's why he left you here. Its like i have to make you remember what happens with the b*t** like you.

Avni got scared listening her , she don't want to face it again , no never.

Avni- no you are thinking wro....wrong i...its no..not .......li....like that. She replied shivering

Hetal- You know what you are just a badass for others  ,who took her mother's life first  , the one who loved you more than herself just because of you she lost her life. Then when it didn't filled your your desire you didn't even left your father.

Avni - I.......I di..dint ..do anything she cried

Hetal - Just wait for me to return.

Avni - aunt...aunt

Avni kept pleading her but  she didn't  listened her and  pushed her making her head hit the corner of the table. And left after locking the door from outside leaving the poor soul  .

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