chapter 5

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The weekend eventually rolls around and Venti is at Xiao's front door. He stood there staring at the door, his heart beating right out of his chest.

He takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell.

The door opens a couple of seconds later and a tall man with orange hair opens the door, "Oh, hi there, you must be Venti,"

Venti hesitantly nods.

"Great! Come inside, Xiao will be right down," Tartaglia opens the door and gestures for Venti to come inside.

"Are you hungry? We have snacks in the kitchen if you want some," Xiao's dad smiles.

Venti nods and follows Tartaglia to the kitchen, the fresh scent of apple pie gracing Venti's nose and he takes a big whiff of the air.

"Is it ready yet?" Tartaglia asks his husband, who is sitting on the kitchen bar, drinking his tea.

"Almost," Zhongli turns to see Venti enter the room, "Oh, are you Venti?"

Venti freezes at the sight of him and nods.

Zhongli smiles at his nervousness, "Don't worry, we won't bite, would you like some apple pie?"

Venti's eyes widen in excitement, "oh yes please,"

The timer on the oven goes off and Zhongli gets up and puts on his oven mitts. He carefully pulls out the pie and puts it on the stove, grabs a knife and cuts a slice, trying to not make a mess.

He places it on a plate and puts whipped cream on the top, "Here you are, now it's very hot," He places the plate on the bar.

Venti sits on the stool and admires the pie, the drool slowly coming from his mouth.

Zhongli chuckles and sits back down, "We've heard a lot about out from Xiao,"

"You have?"

Zhongli nods, "We also know that you're the singer Barbatos, our son loves your music,"

"Your son? He has too dad's?!"

"He hasn't told you?" Zhongli raises a brow.

Venti shakes his head, "No, he doesn't talk about you guys much, all he said is that you're embarrassing," he chuckles nervously.

Tartaglia snickers, and Zhongli puts his tea down and sighs, "Of course,"

Suddenly Xiao turns the corner and enters the kitchen, "Oh hi Venti," he walks over to the pie and grabs a slice, he sits close next to Venti.

Venti starts fidgeting, his nerves getting the better of him. Xiao notices and raises his eyebrow, "What's wrong?"

Venti is caught off guard, "Oh n-nothing," he stops fidgeting, but continues to look around nervously.

Xiao shrugs it off and continues to eat his pie.

"Xiao, you didn't tell me that you have two dads,"

"Only Hu Tao knows, but yeah, I do,"

"Oh where are my manners," Zhongli gets up and approaches Venti, "I'm Zhongli, Xiao's father," he reaches for a handshake.

"And I'm Tartaglia, Xiao's step-father," he walks over to shake Venti's hand.

"Nice to meet you both!" Venti smiles and shakes their hands.

"Ok now that you're acquainted, let's go Venti," Xiao puts away his plate and walks over to the door frame of the kitchen.

"But I haven't gotten to eat my pie yet!"

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