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"You can call me your fairy godmother tonight!" Talia giggles, gathering all of her makeup from her vanity. "Have a seat, my sweet Cinderella!"

"I swear you have more makeup here than back home!" I joke.

"A girl could never have too much makeup, Freya! Now stop talking so I can do your makeup." she urges.

Watching her do my makeup is like an artist at work. The swipe of the brushes on my face. The taps of the blender sponge. This girl has skills!

"If it's a small gathering, why are we getting glammed up?" I question.

"Stop asking questions!" she smiles, as she packs on the makeup. I'm not used to having so much of it on my face. I've always tried to do my makeup, but it never turns out right.

"I finished doing your makeup!" Talia shrieks. "But you can't look yet!" she says, quickly throwing a blanket over the mirror.

"So your hair is next on the list. You know, I'm not ruining those beautiful curls," she says, tapping her finger on the vanity. "Ooh! I have the perfect hairstyle!" she says, almost as if a lightbulb turned on, on top of her head. I sit in silence, trying hard not to fall asleep as she styles my hair.

"The look is coming together!" she squeals as she hands me the outfit she picked out for me. She is in her element right now. There's a huge smile spread across her face.

She grabs the lacey tank top and skirt we bought at the mall and I put it on. I turn to show her the final look.

"Wear those boots," she says, pointing to her thigh-high boots by her closet. I put the shoes on my feet.

"Are you ready for the final reveal?" She sings songs.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I state, suddenly feeling nervous.

"You look Ah-Mazing!!" Talia screams as she takes off the blanket from the mirror.

Who is this girl looking back at me? The outfit accentuates her already curvaceous body. I would even go as far as calling her hot. "I can't believe this is me right now?"

"This is all you, sweetheart! I didn't change your features, only enhanced what you already have," she says.

"You also look amazing!"

"Just one more thing. Take your black necklace off. Wear this one instead," she says, handing me a simple gold necklace with a small hanging crescent moon.

I take off my black necklace that I usually wear without a second thought.

"Perfect! Let's go party!" she says, grabbing my hand and leading us downstairs to where the loud music is blasting from.

The living room is full of people eating and drinking. There are cute birthday decorations all over. Balloons spell out my name: F R E Y A.

I turn and look at the kitchen counters, which are filled with food and desserts. Feta Pasta, chicken Parmesan, pizza, cake, cupcakes. Whatever you could want is here. Now that's what I call heaven!

"How did you pull this all off in such little time?" I shout to Talia over the roaring music.

"Word goes around quickly around here, especially when there's a mention of food and booze," she informs me.

"Now let's get this party started!" she screams, handing me a cup of the spiked punch. "Let's go dance!"

As much as I complain about her throwing parties, I'm glad she doesn't listen. I'm taking advantage and letting loose tonight, something I rarely do these days.

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