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"And, so, for my behaviour I am here to formally apologise," Taka glanced down at the crocs nervously, "You can stay here. I'll find another lake."

The crocodiles looked up at the prince and chuckled, before waving him off with a webbed foot. "It's fine, just remember your place, kid."

If the comment riled the prince up, he didn't show it. Instead, he nodded once, before turning to walk off in the other direction. You trotted to keep up, before slowing down to walk alongside him. 

"That was big of you, I'm proud," you bump his shoulder with your own, and he smiles back, bumping you in return. "So you heading off with your Guard now?"

Taka looked a little sad to be leaving you, and sighed, "Yes, they understood I had to make a detour this morning but now I have to get back to saving the Pridela-" He was cut off as said Guard ran by, almost knocking you off your paws in the process. Both of you looked toward the group of lions who were now past the croc's lake, and continuing on. You glance over at Taka and he sets his jaw before taking off in the same direction. You gape and then scamper off after him.

The gorge. That was where everyone was running. You sit down mid-run in an attempt to come to a full-stop, and almost go flying over the edge. You would have, is Rabsha didn't snatch the scruff of your neck and pull you back up the ledge in the nick of time. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest as you gave him a thankful nod.

"What's going on?" Taka asked Utafiti, the Keenest of Sight, his tail flicking behind him anxiously.

The feminine lion narrowed his eyes before gesturing down to the bottom of the gorge, hiding under a small developing tree in the center of it. "There! There's  an animal under there!"

It was then that you heard- and felt- a herd of wildebeests that grazed nearby begin to become antsy. The blades of grass around your paws began to dance as the ground shook, and your eyes widened as the beasts began to run and skid down the side of the stone-y walls of the cavern. "You have to do something!"

Taka noticed the beasts would reach the helpless animal in a few seconds, and so he volunteered. "Kucha, I want you to get down there as fast as you can and grab the animal!" He turned to the two biggest lions, "Busara, Rabsha, use a ledge to hang from and grab Kucha as he comes back up. Make it all quick!"

The Fastest immediately began to slide down into the gorge, sprinting over to the little tree as soon as he hit the bottom. The Strongest and Bravest made their way down half-way, slower than the first lion, and waited with bated-breath for Kucha to pick up the animal and run over to them.

Unfortunately the Fastest was having issues. The animal that had been trapped down there was a baby Galago, and it refused to be aided by the big scary lion. "No! No pick me up! Mama!" The little baby cried as Kucha attempted to lift it up.

The wildebeests were so close to trampling them all now. You couldn't watch, turning your head and squeezing your eyes shut.

Suddenly the loudest roar you'd ever heard reached your ears, and, as you peeked back down, you realised Taka was standing fiercely in front of the small tree, producing the mighty sound. The herd flew back magically, ending up in a heap a safe distance from the small sprouting tree. The prince then turned and snatched the Galago up, grabbing Busara's paw to be hefted back up to the top of the gorge beside you.

 The prince then turned and snatched the Galago up, grabbing Busara's paw to be hefted back up to the top of the gorge beside you

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"That was amazing!" You gushed, hopping around Taka with excitement, "I've never seen anything like that in my life!"

The prince put the baby animal down gently and and watched you bound around before giving you a small smile, "Well, it wasn't my preferred method. I'd rather have had my plan work correctly, so no wildebeests were harmed, but it had to be done."

The other Lion Guard members made their way back up and grinned at each other, sharing positive words amongst themselves. You look down as you feel something on your paw, and see the little Galago hugging it tightly. You could even feel it's heartbeat against your fur. "Here," the Keenest began, nudging the baby softly, "Allow me. I'll go and see if I can find it's mother."

"Mama," it mumbled, grabbing onto Utafiti's snout and allowing him to pick it up draped completely over his nose.

He walks off, and leaves you with the remaining members. They begin to make their way back to Priderock, but Busara slows down to walk beside you, smiling. "Y/N, would you like to meet up later tonight?"

"Sure," you shrug, "The lands are always the prettiest when the stars are out. It's peaceful too."

He nods in agreement, and you both begin chatting about other things, unaware of the green eyes glancing back at you both.

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