Chapter-31|Seven Shots Later

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Nights are calming to me

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Nights are calming to me. It feels like the world slows down for a while and lets you experience every single moment. The moments you don't get to feel in the day are the ones you usually go back to relive in the night.

It was around one at night and I was lying on my bed with my back to the headboard and my hands busy flipping through the pages of 'Wuthering Heights' when suddenly someone knocked at the front door.

Looking up from the book, I looked at the closed door of my room, debating if I should get up and open the door, or should I pretend like I never heard it and let someone else open it.

Deciding to go with the latter, I ignored it and started reading where I left, but my bliss didn't last long as I heard the knock ring out again. This time, more emergent.

Sighing, I placed my book on the nightstand and got up. Wrapping my hand around the knob of my room's door, I pulled it open and stepped out, only to notice utter silence.

As I walked further down the stairs, I looked around to see all the lights turned off and everyone likely in their rooms, which surprised me. Normally, till three in the morning, the house is... not so silent. There is always someone having a midnight snack or playing video games.

Shaking my head, I walked towards the door when the person on the other side knocked again.

"I'm coming..." I said, grumbling.

Wrapping my hand around the knob, I pulled the door open, only to freeze in shock.

There on the other side of the door stood Iris, or I should say a very drunk Iris, considering the way she was smiling and leaning on Nora for support.

After she told me to get out of her apartment two days ago, I couldn't think of anything else to say, so I did what she said. I got out. There was nothing I could say to make that argument more logical because she clearly wasn't in the right state of mind to process logic and honestly after I heard a few things she said, neither was I.

"Hey..." she whispered, as she blinked her eyes dreamily and leaned her head against Nora's head. I took a moment to look at her. She looked drunk, but the glow on her face and the red heat on her cheeks made her look almost innocent.

Shifting my eyes from Iris, I looked at Nora and raised an eyebrow, asking her to explain to me why she was standing at my doorstep with Iris drunk out of her mind at one in the night.

"I can explain..." Sher started before stopping. "Well, I think I can."

"So, we went out tonight and I think Iris had a little too much to drink..." she said, using her finger and thumb to show me just how little.

"Little..." Iris whispered from beside her as she held up a finger and continued to stare at me.

"And when I tried to drive her back home, she wouldn't let me." She said continuing, making Iris nod with a proud smile on her face.

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