Twenty Four

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I feel Sam pale beside me but I don't care. I feel savage, murderous. Behind the tinted glass of the car before us, was the guy who tried to kill one brother and who scarred another.

I stepped down from the awning behind the hospital. Glancing around to be sure we were truly in a blind spot for the cameras.

There was a deep seated truth to the Klein family. One that went beyond our wealth and connections. The Klein name means power. Wherever any of us go.

The door opens and Emmett falls to the ground, scrambling to get away. The task force shoved him to his knees in front of us.

I feel myself clenching my jaw, my telltale sign of discomfort. I never liked hurting people. I'm gentle at heart.

"Sammy?" The piece of filth opened his mouth. "What's going on."

"Shut up." I countered coldly. "You know why you're here. Did you think there would be no consequences? No repercussions? Sam isn't your brother he's mine. Liam is my brother too. And you've  hurt them both."

He was lucky he hadn't hurt Audrey Rose. I might have to get my own hands dirty for that.

Sam stayed uncharacteristically silent beside me.

"You crazy son of a bitch."

I was on him in seconds. I kicked his head into the ground and twisted.

"I may be crazy, psycho in fact. But I care about my family. I'm grounded." I hiss.

"Sam." I call. "He's yours. An eye for an eye."

I pass Sam a blade. He stabbed Liam. He deserved the same.

Sam took it and came to rest in front of his blood.

"You took so much from me." Sam said. "And then you had the audacity to come break into my new life."

"Sammy. . . I— you don't understand. It was you who ruined my life!"

"Bullshit!" He brought the blade right up to Emmetts throat. Interesting.

They stared at each other, and Emmett finally gave in.

"I'm like you, Sammy. Can't you see?"

"Wha—What?" Sam lowered the blade and gaped.

"Don't you get it!" He shivered, the snow and wind began to kick up again.


"You ruined everything when you left. He was on high alert, always watching. I couldn't leave. . . because you did."

"That's not my fault." Sam shook his head in disbelief.

"He got dogs and started tracking us. Kitty lost her mind. . . she's. . .gone now." Emmett continued. "Then one day he finally caught us together,"

At this point Sam had tears running down his face, even I was in shock.

"Who?" Sam stuttered.

"Henry and I."

He inhaled sharply, the name clearly meant something to him.

"Henry. . . Vandersley?"


"Emmett. . . you treated me so horribly for being gay. Why? Why when you were apparently hooking up with the boy next door!" Sam punched his brother. I gasped.

Emmett was on him in seconds.

"He was my secret! My best friend, and more. We were going to run away! When the General caught us he mutilated Henry. He can't walk well anymore."

"It's not my fault!"

"We couldn't get away because you left!"

"He would've killed me. The general would have killed me!"

"Goddamnit we were going to bring you with us!"

Everything stood still. Their fists stopped flying and my mouth hung open.

I'd known how shitty Sam's home life had been, but what kind of abusive nonsense was this?

"Emmett. . ."

"Henry told me to apologize to you, to forgive you. That you were just a kid, saving his own skin. But you never thought clearly. Never let me help you with anything. You were always my favorite brother but you know how it was in that pathetic excuse for a home." Emmett said.

"Then why, why did you hurt Liam. He has nothing to do with this!"

"I wanted to hurt you."

"Damn you Emmett! This whole time we've been the same. And you. . . with HENRY."

"I should have told you."

"What now?"

Part of me was afraid to say it, but what if he was making the whole story up. I eyed the knife Sam had tossed away from their scuffle.

My sharp gaze strayed from them and saw something else of interest though. A little yellow hat, stuck behind a bush. 

"Hush you two." I hissed at the brothers.

I marched over and grabbed it.



* * *


"Everyone inside NOW." Asher barked.

Im shaking in my boots literally. Not just from the cold but from what I'd seen. If Emmett hadn't spoken up would they have killed him?

We go inside but I stay back. They're terrifying. Who were these boys I'd let into my life?

I shake my head. I have a mission.

"Evie what the hell are you doing here." Ash asks:

"Liam." I manage. He's never cursed at me before.

"Room 207, I trust you'll relay what you've seen?"

I nod vacantly, practically sprinting to get away.

Towards Liam.

Before I turn the corner I see Ash usher the boys into a room, follow, and lock it behind them.

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