47: WÂR

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3rd person pov

Everything in the mansion was busy and hostile. Everyone busy by their own work. But, with one goal, saving their one and only princess. To repent their sins, to make up their guilt.

U should have though before betraying us, u motherfu*ker
Jhope said throw his gritted teeth looking at the two begging men, who practically were their man, but betrayed and helped sehun and kai. They were the main reasons the bangtan couldn't find out any truth.
W-we r s-sorry s-

*BANG BANG BANG* (a.n: let's just not start dancing into bang bang ok? No lemme dance. Uh sorry continue pls😅)

Jhope looked at the three men falling down and drowning their own pool of blood. His eyes held nothing but darkness (a.n: hotness 😆😅) They were deprived of any sort of emotions. But they were burning inside. With guilt, with sorrow. They had only one thing roaming in their mind. "KILL THEM"

Namjoon and suga were working on getting the location. Jungkook and jimin were on training their men. The bestest of them. Jin and jackson were busy on backup plans. Everything was set. But not their heart. Their heart was still burning, beating faster than ever.

Though they knew they were strongest, their insecurities was what making them nervous. One slip, everything will be over, which they definitely didn't wanted. They need to save her, by any cost, even with their life.

How will it go? The WAR?


Soyun pov

I wished everything of it was a nightmare, from which i will wake up and find myself....in another hell. But even if the mansion was hell for me, it is my death trap now. I just want to get out of here, even if it means with bangtan. At least they won't kill me. (A.n: i don't even know what i wrote. And i know u also didn't get lol. Just imagine u understood lol. Sry not sry for disturbing)

I saw him unbuckling his belt and making it ready to smack. I looked at him in horror and helplessly. He was enjoying seeing me scared of him. I gathered up my courage and opened my mouth to speak.

G-get away from me u bastard! U crazy monster! M-my brother will definitely save me, and kill u if u do anything to me!!
I didn't know where i got the courage from, and how i had the guts to claim them as my brothers. After what they have done to me, I'm still claiming them as my brothers?

He looked at me for a second and then bursted out laughing as if this is the most funniest thing he have ever heard. I also know it. But his mocking laugh was killing me.
U still expect them to save u? After what they've done? Hahaha. They hate u my love. They hate u. They'll never save u. Nobody can save u from us now. It's REVENGE TIME!

Tears gatherer up in my eyes as he said those. I couldn't control them anymore. But on one side, i was happy. Maybe...i will die. And then, i will be free. It will just hurt a little right? Then i will go to my family, away from all those devils. My mind was blank right now. I didn't want them to save me. I know i sound like a pathetic. But i really wanna run away, even if it sounds like a coward now.

What? Can't find any word to fight back? Pathetic whore.
He said gritting his teeth which made me spat on his face, not being able to control my anger.
I burst out but regretted instant as i saw his eyes darken.

And in no time, my screams echoed in the whole room. He started beating me mercilessly with his leather belt. With every hit, it felt like dying. But still, i didn't beg him to stop. It will just make him more submissive and enjoy my helplessness. I kept on screaming and crying with his every hit. My throat was hurting, along with my whole body. But he wasn't sure satisfied at all.

He grabbed me by my hair and threw me on the floor harshly. I didn't have the energy to open my eyes well. Still, i could see another figure, which seemed to he kai in my blurry vision. They were telling something, more like shouting but i was too weak to focus on that. After a few seconds, i felt someones kicking my stomach caused me to spilt blood. That's when i gave up. I wished this was the last. I wished i could die after that. I felt everything around me spinning and in the next seconds, i went unconscious, with the pain in my whole body.

3rd person pov

After they saw soyun getting unconscious, they stopped beating. They looked at her as if she's some sort of garbage. But something sehun said making kai stop in his tracks
Why are we getting our revenge on her?
Kaid looked at the front and chuckled darkly making sehun gulp. He was a psycho, he knew that. And it scared everyone what he might do.

She's everyone's 'apple of eyes'. I challenge u, they will come. Just wait and watch. I bet by this time, they know the truth. Now we just have to wait for bangtan to come here, along with the other bastard, jackson. I want to kill their happiness, right.in
front.of their eyes.
He said and turned his head towards me. He glanced at the unconscious girl for the last time and started walking away with a smug smirk on his face.

There's something i need to know, something i don't know. Why would she be...so....important to them? What could be their relationship in the past...?
He was talking to himself, trying to find out any clue or hint. But at last, gave up.

He knew kai is good in planning this sort of evil works. He can do anything when something triggers him. And now, he's drowning with the thought of taking revenge. His evil mind was planning something evil, very evil. And God knows (a.n: no, i know 😌😂) where will it end.

How will their plans last? Who will the winner of the ultimate WAR?

End of chapter 47

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