Chapter 6

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I was at home watching TV when I got a text from Ariana.

Ariana💘: hi Y/N

Me: Hi Ariana

Ariana💘: so listen im really hungry and me and doja are recording a song will u pleaseeeeee come bring us food

Me: Do I look like doordash to you?

Ariana💘: no u look like my baby 🥸

Me: Don't try to butter me up.

Ariana💘: plz ill give you a kiss 💋


Ariana💘: watch it.

Me: Get me a bih to give me some head and maybe.

Ariana💘: i will hurt u.

Me: Top or no food.

Ariana💘: get ur ass over here.

Me: Yes ma'am.

I got off the couch and put on some slides. I went and got Doja and Ariana some In n Out. I pulled up to the studio and went inside. When I got to the room, they ambushed me for the food.

"Good to see you guys too." I said. I noticed two guys on the couch smoking. "What's up?"

"Wasgood." The white boy with long hair said.

"I'm Y/N." I said.

"Ari." The long haired boy said.

"Sully." The other guy said. He handed me the blunt. I took it and inhaled deeply. I sat down on the couch and exhaled. I did this a second time and handed it back to him. "You cool."

"Prolly." I said. Me, Ari, and Sully went around passing the blunt until there was nothing. Then we did it to another. Then a third. After that I had to tap out.

"You pussy." Ari said.

"Boy that's three blunts. You're tweaking. I can barely fucking see I'm so high." I said laughing. They laughed at me.

"Will y'all stop fucking around with Y/N and get to doing your jobs?" Doja asked. I laughed as they scrambled to their desk. Doja came over and sat on my lap.

"What up, boo?" I asked.

"You are so faded." She said.

"Yeah, I fucking know." I said. She kissed me, and I kissed her back immediately. She pulled away and hit me. "Hey!"

"God, stop being irresistible." She told me.

"What you want me to do? That dick don't lie." I said laughing.

"I'm ready to record." Ariana said loudly. I looked up at her.

"Lets go! That's my baby!" I said. She stomped into the booth. Doja got off of my lap and sat down with the boys.

"Okay, I'm ready." Ariana said. They started playing the track.

"Tryna stay in my lane
But you play on the safe side
But you fuckin' me up on this FaceTime
Faded, pourin' all over you
Know exactly what I wanna do
So, baby, can you eat it from the back?
Got me purrin' like I'm Doja Cat
Keep me in your bag
'Cause you wanna hear me say I'm coming back
But this time I want support, just make it last, ooh-woah, oh
It's hard for me to let you go (let you go)
My body wouldn't let me hide it
No matter what, I wouldn't fold (wouldn't fold)
Ridin' through the thunder, lightning." Ariana sang.

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