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Rose's POV
"Hello?" I picked up my call,still being in the arms of my deep sleep. "Umm, Rose? Today's class is going to begin an hour earlier" replied the voice which felt like Richard as my eyes jerked open and I sat up as fast as I could. "An hour earlier?! How come sir didn't tell me anything about it?!" I asked,getting up from the bed and quickly marching towards my bathroom.

"Yeah,I know right? He like called me ten minutes ago,and I have been informing the rest of the students. You coming?" "Like duh!" I replied pushing the toothbrush in my mouth and I disconnected the call and threw it on my bed. As soon as I threw it,I got reminded about wishing Eran a good morning so I spat out of the paste and ran towards my phone.

"Nope!" said Veronica grabbing my phone before me. "Let him text your first for once" "are you kidding me? His morning is going to.." "going to happen absolutely nothing! You are not his girlfriend! Go to your class!!" added Veronica as I rolled my eyes and rushed to get ready.

Within almost half and hour,I reached my centre as I watched Richard kneeling on the balcony. As soon as his eyes fell on me,his face kind of lightened up and he literally rushed all the way from the upstairs and came down. Brushing his hair using his fingers he came quite close in front of me as his cologne hit my nostrils.

"Hey!" greeted Richard as I looked around to find no one else in the campus as the fear and my phobia started to hit my mind. 'Chill,he is not here,and you aren't alone,no one will shout or hit you' I said to myself as I realized sweat started to build on my forehead. "So? Where's sir?" I asked,trying to divert my mind.

"Actually,I lied to you Rose" he said,as my reflexes pushed me backwards. "And why would you do that?" I asked,looking around for any signs of threats. "I wanted to speak to you" he replied. "About what?" "About us" he replied as I cringed to the word, 'us'

Dude you aren't supposed to address you and me as 'us'

"Rose,I really like you and I have talked with Daisy yesterday and she told me that you and Eran are yet not engaged in a relationship. Can we please think about our future together? I'm really sorry if I have done anything to upset you,that you literally left me for him. I have been.." "wait Richard.." "no don't cut me off please,please let me finish" he said grabbing my face.

"Okay,okay but leave me,I'm listening" I said hastily removing his hands as I felt my phone to vibrate and my eyes fell on Eran's text. "Rose,I have been crushing over you ever since the day you stepped in here,I just never had the courage to speak up to you about it. There are many of my friends who have got a strong crush on you,but I never reacted. But I literally cannot see you becoming someone else's" added Richard.

"I'm really sorry to break your feelings and your heart in this way Richard. But trust me when I say this, I really am into Eran.." "no,I know you are not,you are just testing me right?" said Richard,grabbing my hands real tight as I watched his brown eyes tear.

Eran's POV
I stood by the stony pavements of the highway road beside my car as my friends continued to sip on their morning tea. We didn't sleep the whole night and might have taken a nap for an hour or so then stepped out of Hunter's place at 6am to get some fresh warm breakfast.

This is one of the things which I love doing with my friends. Fresh morning tea by the road,sitting on our respective car's hood and gossip literally about the most weirdest possible things. Well,nowadays me and my other friends are trying to bring out Hunter out of his mental trauma.

His elder sister is pregnant,and as far as we heard she isn't really keeping well and have got a lot of life threatening complications regarding her pregnancy. We are all really hurt about this issue,because we have known her since our childhood and she loves us all a lot. I still haven't shared this incident with Rose since if she hears,I'm upset about it she is literally going to turn the world upside down to make me smile ignoring everything.

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