Chapter 8

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The door to my office opened, and Everly walked in.

"Hi!" I said.

"Y/N, why are you not packed? I went to your house to pick up your bags, and there were none. We are leaving in mere hours!" She scolded me.

"You're such a mom." I said.

"Y/N!" She yelled.

"Whaaaaaaaat?" I asked.

"Why are you not packed?" She asked.

"Well I was just gonna buy clothes in the different areas that way it would give the people money." I said. She squinted at me.

"Did you just make that up?" She asked.

"No! I'm serious!" I told her. She nodded.

"The plane leaves in an hour and a half, so we should leave in the next twenty minutes. Your brothers and sisters are with your parents down there already." She said.

"The real question is are you packed?" I asked.

"Yes because I'm not five." She said walking away.


"Y/N, where are your bags?" My mom asked. I groaned.

"I'm buying from the people there. Economics." I said.

"Yeah, well your father and I packed for you just in case you did something stupid." She told me. I rolled my eyes. I sat down in my designated spot beside Jack. I opened my phone to text Ariana back.

Ariana💘: hey do u wanna see a movie tonight?

Me: I can't tonight

Ariana💘: why???

Me: Business affairs

Ariana💘: okayyyy what about tomorrow night?

Me: Yeah I'm gonna be busy tomorrow too

Ariana💘: well when are u free?

Me: I don't know but I'll be sure to tell you when I know. Gotta go ❤️

I put my phone on airplane mode.

"You didn't tell her we were going on a fucking three month expedition to find little homeless kids! Those places don't even have service. She's gonna think you died!" Jack said.

"Not like she'd care. She's married. I'm just a casual fuck, so she don't get to know my whereabouts." I told him.

"Where is our first stop?" Luke asked.

"Hodediah, Yemen." Dad said.

"Huh?!" Me and Jack said.

"What?" He asked.

"That's the most dangerous part of Yemen!" I said.

"Well that's why we're spending the most time there. And you all know exactly how to defend yourselves. We didn't send you to military school for nothing." He said.

"I was on heroin for the majority of my time there!" I shouted.

"Well who's fault is that?" He asked. "You know how to shoot a gun. You know how to an extent. Just try to blend in."

"I'm fucking six seven!" I shouted.

"Well who's fault is that?" He asked again.

"I hate it here." I said.

"Hey at least you can see bout a mile away when they come shooting!" Mom said.

"You evil." I said.

"It was a suggestion." She shrugged.

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