The Thorn

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Alaric's POV
"Are you ready to go?" Tanya the last person I want to see at this moment said raising her eyebrows while taping on her wrist to indicate that it was time to leave.

       "Is everyone ready?" I questioned with a blank face.

       "Yes, they are all ready and waiting for you my love." She said while giving me a seductive smile.

        I put on my navy blue jacket while debating what kind of luck I had to have to be stuck with a person like her in my life.

I just can't stand people who can't accept "no" for an answer.

       I made my way through the hall and was greeted by my Beta, my third in command, and commanding warrior.

      "Good morning Alpha," they all said in unison bending their head a little to show their respect.

      "Good morning," I replied with a tight smile on my face.

       "Everything is arranged and we are just waiting for your command to start the journey." Said Mark my Beta as he smirked at me opening the door to my side of the car.

      I did not get what he was smirking about and sat down until Tanya's eardrum-piercing voice reached my ears.

     "Honey, you're not going to even give me a goodbye kiss?" She was looking at me batting her eyelashes.

      I was going to forcefully close the door just to get my point of not wanting to see her across but I saw my mom looking down at us from her window. I slowly got out of the car and dreadfully made my way to her. I made sure I took my time to get to her but it was not long enough.

      I bent down to give her a quick kiss on her cheek until she turned her face and kissed my lips. I subtly pushed her away from me and made my way over to the car and got in without looking anywhere else.

"I am sure the worst part of your day is over Alpha." My commanding warrior said through the link.

"I sure hope so Cass," I said back while she closed the door.

      "So how are you planning to implement your plan with the packs that we are visiting?" Mark questioned after getting inside the car from the other side.

      "We will have to see their reactions to the suggestion before we make a final plan," I replied looking out the window.

      "And why are you in my car?" I questioned.

      "I have the responsibility of protecting you and that includes from your too serious for this life self. I know for sure you will bore yourself to death if I am not here to entertain you." There was no sign that will let me know if he was saying it as a joke or if he actually meant it.

       "Come on man, at least relax for now." All of a sudden his hands were on my shoulder shaking me. "You got away for a few days and I don't think you should spend these precious days being mad at situations you can't control and situations you just left behind a few minutes ago." He said  moving his eyebrows up and down.

      This pervert I know what he is thinking but I am not going to let that happen while he is on a trip with me.

     The last time he went on a mission and came back it was hard to separate the girl he bewitched from him. Mark is a born player and I can't wait for his mate to come and give him rest because is the hornist person I know.

"I still think it is wiser to take Jake with me not you," I said while turning to look at him skeptically.

     "Come on, you and I both know you would have more fun with me." A smirk full of confidence adorned his face while looked at me waiting for a reply.

      "I don't know about that but I know that I would get more work done with him," I said while looked at him in the eyes for him to know that I am serious.

      His hands were raised up in surrender within seconds. "Okay no goofing around on this trip."

     I turned my attention back to the road and focused on the sunrise that is making it was out of the horizon. It's beautiful. I love nature. Everything about nature, the earth, the water, the wind, the animals, the plants calm me down and give me a sense of peace except for humans or any other supernatural beings including werewolves.

      The people who are around you tend to mostly be the ones who take you away from your state of peace and put you in a state of pure hell.

      "How long before we arrive at the first pack?" I asked Mark who seemed to be deeply tranced on his phone.

      "About fourth minutes." He replied without looking up.

     "Alpha it is actually thirty minutes." Said George cautiously so he won't offend his Beta. He is the best driver, a hard worker, and has sealed lips. He has been working for me since I took over the Alpha position.

     I gave him a subtle nod to let him know I heard and fixed my gaze back at the trees we were passing by.

I admire nature. The way it sustains every living thing that is thriving on it just amazes me. Nature is struggling to survive while also trying to help the people who are killing it leave and thrive from its pain for most parts.

It is hard not to seek revenge for the mistreatments you receive for being helpful. Well, I guess Mother Nature did show her anger when necessary.

Legends of the Moon Goddess and Mother Nature going into a pact to end the regimes of different cruel supernatural world disasters were one of the stories I used to love to listen to from my grandmother.

Even though I don't believe in them they give me comfort for some reason. If only there would be a way for me to avoid the disaster that is coming. It keeps on piercing my heart as if it's a thorn that is stuck there.

I was pulled out of my daydream by Mike's maniacal laugh while looking at his phone. Really if you are not going to share the joke that just made you laugh with the people around you don't laugh too hard and loud. I really don't understand why he has to laugh that loudly whenever he ends up not showing me whatever made him laugh.

I reprimanded him about him disturbing my quiet time with these videos a lot of times for me to be okay to ask him what is making him laugh.

Not too long after that, the trees started to get replaced by houses and buildings. They were not interesting to look at so I started reviewing the files I had with me.


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