Chapter 24: Brazen Magician

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While having a chat with Jennette, Athanasia suddenly felt a strange feeling. She quickly roamed her eyes to look for her mother, but she suddenly remembered that her mother told them that she will roam around and then left them.

'I have a bad feeling' She thought. 

"Are you also looking for Lady Dianne, Princess?" Jennette asked her. Athanasia immediately glanced at Jennette who was also looking at her. "It suddenly feels gloomy when she left, I really like her warm personality"

"Do you... really like her?" Athanasia asked curiously.

Jennette smiled warmly at Athanasia. "Yes! I really like her" She replied happily. "She's like the Princess! Actually..." She paused. "I can picture the princess grows up like her. Even though it's the first time I met Lady Dianne, I really like her as I like you"

'Like a family'

"AH! Don't get me wrong princess... but if Lady Dianne has the same hair color as you, I will probably mistake you as her daughter."

Athanasia was taken aback. She laughs softly at Jennette's reaction. "I am glad that you like her," A small smile appeared on her face. "I'm sure that she also likes you" 

Jennette's cheeks suddenly turned pink. "I hope..." She uttered.

"Oh! I forgot!" Jennette suddenly blurted out, She quickly roamed her head around. "The gentleman, He's not here?" She carefully stands up to look around. "I thought he was here"

"Gentleman?" Athanasia asked. She also stands up. "May I ask who is this gentleman?" Athanasia asked, she suddenly became nervous. The Princess wanted to look for her mother.

"Viscount Patterson, He was an acquaintance of Duke Alpheus" Jennette answered. "I actually wanted to invite Ijekiel since he wanted to see the princess too, but the gentleman offered to accompany me. Duke Alpheus agreed to let the gentleman accompany me, but he suddenly disappeared. I only noticed that now"

"The black-haired man?" Athanasia asked again. She wanted to confirm something.

"Yes! You already saw him too!" Jennette exclaimed. "But I wonder where he went..."

Athanasia suddenly became silent.'That man...' She let out a deep breath. 'I have to find mom!'  She thought. She immediately took Jennette's hand, and she started to walk slowly with her. However, this action made Jennette confused.

"Princess?" Jennette called her. "Is there something wrong?"

Athanasia let herself to calm down. She smiled at Jennette."Let's find Lady Dianne!"

The young woman became excited. "Oh? Yes!"


"Why are you here?" Claude asked the young man in front of him. His eyes were obviously throwing a death glare at Lucas. Of course, the young man didn't care about those glares from the Emperor.

After all, He's more scared of Athanasia.

Lucas was about to sit beside Claude but before he could do that, the emperor motioned his hand. "Don't you dare, Magician" He said. The frown on his face was evident. Up until now his grudges when he finds out that the young warlock that he made his daughter's playmate was actually the Black tower magician.

A smirk appeared on Lucas's face. He sat in front of the frowning emperor. 

"What are you doing here?" Claude asked again.

"Having a bonding with Father?"

The Emperor's eyes became more deadly. "How brazen, You're probably older than me," he said in his coldest tone, but since Lucas is the best, he won't be affected by that.

"Sure," He said, then he showed a cheeky smile to the emperor. "But you look older than me right now"

(AN: Lucas wanted to die HAHAHA!)

It's been days since the emperor finds out Lucas's real identity. Actually, the young magician revealed it to him the day after Diana told him the truth. Indeed, the magician put magic on him to forgot him for a while, but it only lasts for a day.

Of course, Athanasia doesn't know this. Not yet, but she'll definitely know it soon.

When the magician shows himself to the Emperor, Claude almost went into berserk and almost attacked Lucas once more. Fortunately, Claude remembered that Lucas was also the reason why he met his Lover again.

Claude also finds out that Lucas is 'Lucy' which made him more irritated, especially when the magician used this opportunity to call him 'Father' which annoyed him to the core. He doesn't care if he is the Black Tower Magician. If he could only smack his head...

'You agreed when I asked if I can call you 'Father' Your Majesty'

'I asked you twice and you said 'Yes' I thought the Emperor should always keep their words?'

'I have Lady Diana as my witness'

Impertinent and Brazen. That's the Emperor's first impression of that Magician.

While the Emperor is busy glaring at the Magician. Claude suddenly felt something unpleasant. Sure, he is annoyed by the Magician who is in front of him, but this unpleasant feeling was not something for Lucas.

The Emperor's face started to crumble. 'I suddenly wanted to kill someone' Claude thought. He raised his body as if it wanted to go somewhere. "How unpleasant" he uttered, Claude was unconsciously emitting a murderous aura. Lucas noticed it.

"You okay? Father?" Lucas asked him.

Claude shoots him a death glare. "Shut up"

Lucas raised his brows. "Oh? Looks like a pest entered the palace" Lucas suddenly made a comment. His face turned serious as he glanced in the direction of Athanasia's palace. He felt a very small amount of dark magic in that direction, although it is faint and almost unnoticeable, the magician managed to feel it.

However, that magic suddenly disappeared.

'Did the idiot made a move?' Lucas thought. He immediately stands up and glanced at the terrifying face of the Emperor. 'He didn't notice it but he felt it too'

Lucas was originally here to discuss something with the Emperor, He revealed himself for a reason, but it looks like the discussion won't happen for today.

"I will return tomorrow, I have something to attend," Lucas said with a serious face. The Emperor understands what he means, so he only nodded his head as his answer. "Anyway, I suggest you to stay away from that chimera until we find a way to exterminate that curse"


Lucas grinned. "Ah, How do we call this...?" Lucas paused. "My Princess's friend" and then the magician disappeared.

Before the Emperor could realize the Magician's last statement. Lucas disappeared into thin air. Claude who was dumbfounded when Lucas teleported suddenly felt the urge to follow that magician to bury him alive. 

My Princess?

"That Damned Magician" He uttered.


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