Is That All

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Peter yawned and squeezed his pillow tighter. Only it wasn't a pillow. He quickly opened his eyes, careful to not make any sudden moves.

There, right in front of him, was Valen. Peacefully asleep. Her silver and black hair covering her face. The strands were moving out and falling back from her breathing. Peter slowly lifted his arm off of her and softly pushed her hair behind her.

Valen twitched making Peter freeze. His arm in the air not moving. He was scared that she had awaken and if she hadn't, he didn't want to wake her. Instead, Valen turned now facing Peter. Her eyes still closed, her arms both by her face. Peter softly put his head back on his pillow, wondering what she was dreaming of.

"Are you watching me, creep?" Valen asked, still not opening her eyes.

Peter's face turned red, full of embarrassment. "What? No, no, no, no. I just opened my eyes."

"Sure." A small smirk played on Valen's face. She opened her eyes to see Peter now on his back with a hand on his face.

Peter split his fingers so he could see through one eye. Without removing his hand, he turned his head to look at the girl. "V?"


"I think... I think you're-"

An annoying beeping noise would not stop playing in the room. A small device given to Peter by Stark started to flash a small light. It was to let him know he was needed.

"I think that's our cue." Peter rolled out of bed and grabbed clothes to get changed into.

Valen changed back into what she was wearing yesterday when Peter left the room. She folded the pajamas he let her borrow neatly onto his bed.

The pair quickly made it back to the compound. Before reaching the entrance, Stark walked out angrily.

"Where have you been?" He was directing this question to Valen, ignoring the boy beside her.

Valen turned her head to face Peter.

"With him? All night? You can't just disappear like that."

"I'm sorry Mr.Stark-" Peter was about to take full blame, but Stark was having none of it.

"Peter, you should go home." Stark had a finger pointed in the air, shaking angrily.

Peter took a step back. He wasn't used to seeing him this angry. Sure he's made mistakes that's made Tony mad, but this, this was something new altogether.

Bruce came running out. He saw Valen as he was walking past the window. "Valen! I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

Valen nodded her head. She offered a tiny sincere smile to let the man know she wasn't upset anymore.

"All I was going to do was take a blood sample to study it. Nothing else." When Valen nodded her head once again, Bruce cautiously asked, "Can we try again? I'll tell you everything beforehand so there are no more surprises."

Another panic wanted to rise up in Valen. She's been around these people for a few weeks now, she knew they wouldn't purposely hurt her. But the fear was still there.

Valen looked at Peter, fear in her eyes. Without a second thought, Peter grabbed Valen's hand, holding it tightly. "You've got this. There's nothing to be afraid of."

He squeezed her hand once then let go. He turned around ready to take off, but Valen grabbed his wrist. He stopped walking and turned back around. He gave her a questioning look.


He looked down at his captive wrist then back at her. "Of course."

"No. Peter needs to go home and then we're gonna have a talk." Stark took a step forwards.

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