Chapter 13

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I parked my Bentley in the driveway and walked to the back of the house. The backyard was full of little kids playing and adults talking.

"Y/N!" Theo yelled from a distance. She ran over to me and jumped in my arms.

"Happy birthday, munchkin!" I shouted. I hugged her tightly. I placed her on the ground.

"I thought you weren't coming! You're an hour late!" She scolded.

"I'm sorry. I overslept. But I'm here now!" I said. She nodded and ran away.

"Y/N!" Jack called. I walked over to him. He handed me a beer.

"Hi, stranger." Kiana said.

"Wassup?" I asked before sipping my drink.

"Nothing. Nothing. I was just waiting on you." She said.

"Awe they told you I was the life of the party, huh?" I asked.

"Not even true." Jack said.

"It's a little true." I said.

"No I just wanted to see you." She said.

"Oh, so you missed me? I see." I nodded.

"Mm no." She responded before trying to walk off. I grabbed her arm and spun her to me.

"Wait a minute. I didn't get a chance to tell you I missed you." I smiled.

"Oh you are such a flirt. Ew!" Elly said walking off. I laughed.

"Did you know Ariana Grande is here? I want to tell her hi but I'm kind of scared." Kiana said. I paused.

"She's here?" I asked.

"Yeah, she's over sitting down with her husband." Kiana said. "Will you introduce me to her?"

"I don't know if it's a good idea." I said.

"Please, I want to meet her so badly." Kiana said. I nodded.

"Come on. Why not?" I said. We walked over to the table Dalton and Ariana were sitting at.

"Oh hey, Y/N." Dalton said putting his arm around Ariana. I smiled.

"Hey, guys. This is Kiana. She really wanted to meet Ariana." I said. Ariana stood up and smiled.

"Hi, nice to meet you." She said hugging Kiana.

"I love your music. You're amazing." Kiana fangirled. Ariana hummed.

"Y/N, how have you been?" She asked.

"Pretty good. Kiana keeps me busy." I said.

"That's right. We're basically married." Kiana said.

"Pretty much." I laughed. Ariana gave a small laugh.

"Funny." She said.

"Yeah, but we gotta get back to over there." I said.

"Wait I want to stay. I wasn't done talking to Ariana." Kiana said.

"Yeah, okay. Well I'm gonna go get drunk." I said. I walked away to the table with all the drinks. I poured a very large about of vodka into a cup of ice and a tiny dash of orange juice.

"Oh this is gonna be fun." Jack said as he drank from the bottle.


"Mom, I swear I never had sex in your bed ever. That was fucking Jack. He literally fucked some random ass Beverly Hills bitch in your bed and made me clean it up or he was gonna tell you I was the one that crashed the lambo." I slurred. I covered my mouth. "Oh no! Now you know!"

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