Chapter 48- theodore nott

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Ron nodded while a sob emerged from within him. His head rested on Ginny's shoulder as Ginny's mouth hung open.

Ember felt her eyes brim with hot tears. She seen Ron's pain, fuck, she heard it too. He was hurting so much and she felt it. After all, she knew what it was like.

Ginny brushed her fingers lightly through her brothers hair as Ember stood up and slipped on some shoes.

"Em, what are doing?", she asked.

Ember stared at Ron who cried as though a part of his soul had been ripped from his chest. "To figure out what the fuck happened"

She opened the door making Ron sniffle and wipe his face with his sleeve. "Ember don't!"

Ember walked out into the hallway and glanced back into the room. "Are you gonna tell me what happened?"

Ron's lip trembled before he slowly shook his head. Ginny rubbed his back assuring him everything was going to be okay. Ron laid back down against Ginny letting his tears fall freely.

Ginny gazed at her best friend standing in the hall and mouthed the words "find out". Ember nodded and closed the door shut behind her as she headed down into the common room.

She hopped off the last step and seen Harry and Neville sitting at a table playing wizards chess.

"Hi Ember!", said Neville happy to see her.

"Hey Em", spoke Harry who didn't even notice she entered the room due to his overload of concentration on winning the game.

"What are you two doing up so late?", she asked smiling.

Neville smiled back and shrugged. "We got bored and plus it's really loud up there", he said pointing towards the boys dorms.

Ember glanced to where Neville's finger pointed to and gazed back at him. "Loud?"

Harry nodded still not looking up. "George and Fred"

"They won't stop arguing", Neville complained.

Ember's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Seriously?"

The two boys nodded.

Ember looked down. "Shouldn't be that surprised actually", she mumbled to herself.

Harry adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked up finally. "Now that I'm thinking about it . . . have you seen Ron?"

"You haven't?", asked Ember licking her lips trying to see what everyone knew about what happened.

"Nope. Not for a couple hours", said Harry staring back down at the board.

Neville smacked his lips as one of his chess pieces was knocked off the board.

"Sorry mate", Harry smirked.

"When's the last time you seen him then?", questioned Ember.

Harry furrowed his brows. "Mmmmmm . . . Oh yeah he was complaining in our dorm about how he'd barely seen Hermione all day and so he said he was going to go look for her"

Neville nodded. "I seen him last going up to your guys' dorm to find her"

Ember ground her front teeth together lightly thinking hard about what must've went down. "You think George or Fred know anything about it?"

Harry looked up. "About what?"

"I mean do you think they know where Ron might be?"

He shrugged. "Possibly"

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