Part 21

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Next day.
All DE 7 had their breakfast and went to their work.

Other side Fab 5 get ready and went to heartstrings music. & Do there practice

All day ManBirTi thinking about nandini where she is and other side dhruliya thinking about there plan.

As manik is thinking how to ask forgiveness from his star and how to make her fall in his love again.

Cabir and mukti is thinking about if nandini forgive him/her or not.

Dhruv is thinking to how to spend night with nandini as he know she always sleep with Reyansh.

Aliya is thinking how to remove nandini from this house once she is out of this house she divorce dhruv and marry Reyansh and will be Queen of Singhania House.

Other Side.c

Abhi and avni went to there respective work and decide to spend night at star mansion as they want to discuss something.

Reyansh and kriya went for there Date as Rey can't go out at night.

Abeer and meher decide to go on date at night and spend some quality time as they didn't spend much time.

Time skipped

Star Mansion.

All come back from their work after freshup all sat in living room n having their snack and doing work.

Neil, Rey and sid discussion about business.

Maya and nandini working on laptop.

Abhi and avni discussing something.

Ragini went to kitchen to prepare food.

After 3 hours past

Fab 5 came.

Manik and cabir join with NeReSi for business talk.

Mukti is chatting with harshad.

Dhruv sit in such way that no one can see it that he is lusting nandini.

Aliya is no where to see.

Ragini is attending call n relaxing afterwards

She is observing from past 30 min as no one have time to eat snack hardly 2 or 3 bite is taken. She call bulter and give to them. Bulter inform that dinner is ready and its already time for dinner should he arrange the table.
And this boil ragini anger n lash it on everyone.

R:-My dear patidev, my sweet babies this is not your work place or office its my home stop your work and come to dinning room within 15 minute otherwise be prepare for punishment.

All stop there work n go to room for freshup

After 10 min

All people were in dining room not to make more angry to ragini but only nandini and rey is not present.
At same time nandini is coming form the stairs she is above to fall in that fear she closes her eyes to touch the ground but rey hold her from behind.
Re:- Jaan are you ok.

And this take everyone attention to nandini.

All went to see there.

N:- (shout) no one will come here is oil some one can fall.

Re:- ya we will come downstairs wait then he pick up nandini n went from other stairs.

And place her on sofa.

Ne&Ra:- Princess what happened?

Sid:-Bacha Can't to see the oil why you put leg over there.

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