C h a p t e r 9

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Y/n malfoy POV

I woke up late at night.
I turned to see Mattheo sleeping peacefully.
I tried getting up put got pulled down by Mattheo.

I probably woke up at this time because I fell asleep early.

I looked at Mattheo and started to try and move his hands but couldn't.

"Mattheo" I whispered.
"Move your hands"

God I hate him.

"Mattheo pls move your hands"
"No I want you to love me" I heard him say even though his head is in the pillow.

"I do love you I just need you to move your hands" I said knowing that it was false.
"No" as he said that he started to hold me tighter.
Maybe too tight "Mattheo pls let me go" I whispered.
"No" he whispered back before putting his head on my stomach.

I wonder if I ask him to come with me he would let me go.

"Mattheo if you want we could sneak outside and walk" I asked.
He raised his head with his eyes squinted towards me.

"Why" he asked.
"Because I'm laying in bed doing nothing and I'm awake" I said.
He looked at me before letting me go.
He stood up and walked over to his drawer and grabbed a sweater, he put it on then walked over to me.

"Come on, you woke me up for this" he said.
"Yeah I know just wait"
"No come on hurry up" he said again.
"You know you have become a whiny little kid" I said getting annoyed from him whining.

He stood quiet for a while.
I changed into leggings and a sweater since it would be cold outside.

"Come on" I said once I was finished getting ready.

We made it next to the black lake and started to walk more.

"So has your dad told you anything about the wedding" I asked, I know it's a weird topic to talk about but we are getting married so why not talk about it.

"No not after he told me I was a disappointment" he answered.
"Oh well do you think they would choose were we will have it" I quizzed.
"Well I'm not sure my dad is making us do all this"
"I'm sorry about everything with your dad and us getting marri-"
"It's fine" he said cutting me off from talking.

We staid quiet for a little bit since there wasn't much to talk about.

"Have you talked to your parents" he asked me, I looked at him to see him staring directly at me.

"No I haven't I'm pretty sure they have been really busy" I answered.

This was really awkward moment it felt like he just left me on open because he didn't reply.

"Do you think we have to have a baby by the end of this year" he question, just as he said that it felt like my hearth had stop.

I forgot that his dad told us to make a kid.

"Yeah I mean your dad told us to have a kid" I answered.
"Have you ever wanted kids" he quizzed I look up at him again and he looked back at me with sad eyes.
"I mean like before any off this happened" he said making it sound better then before.

"Well I did think about it once in my life but now that this all happened I don't know what I want anymore"

There was another silence but not an awkward one like before.

The minutes soon passed by and he said something.

"For some reason I just realized that you won't be a malfoy your name will change to riddle" he said.

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