Chapter twenty three

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Y/n and Jimin land in a field of flowers, looking around at her surroundings in awe she takes in the sight of thousands upon thousands of flowers, all working together in a massive symphony of vibrant colours. The sky is a beautiful crystal clear blue, with picturesque white and fluffy clouds, everything reflecting in Y/ns shining eyes.

Breath taken, Y/n comments, "I never knew such a beautiful place existed in our town! How could no one know about this place?" Dodging the question Jimin distracts her by calling out, "look there's the others! Why don't we quickly head over?" Pointing at the rest of Bts who are lazing about on the only green in a seemingly never ending field of colour. The six lay leisurely on a huge soft blanket in the shade of an ancient and winding oak tree, which is decorated with a worn down and weathered, old swing made of a fallen branch and rope.

The two run over and are greeted with a mix of lazy hi's, to energetic hellos. Getting through the usual questions about how her work went, Y/n is quickly dragged down to lay in between Yoongi and Hoseok, before Jimin can complain he's dragged off to mess around with Taehyung and Jungkook, the three of them making a little train as they hop off to do who knows what.

Y/n looks up at the tree, the emerald green leaves blocking out the majority of the sunlight. Shimmering streams of golden light pour out of the gaps between the branches, creating a feast for the eyes that melts Y/ns exhaustion away. Every now and then the wind would rustle through the leaves with a satisfying whoosh. The rustling disturbs the streams of light turning them into glints of starlight in a sky of overlapping greens.

Hoseok turns over onto his side towards Y/n using his arm as a pillow, "what do you think of this place?" He asks Y/n who's still happily staring up at the tree. Catching her attention she turns over to him, a bright smile on her face, "I love it! I've never seen such a beautiful and peaceful place, it's a shame that I had to take on a last minute shift otherwise we could've spent more time here."

Hoseok smiles softly brushing a stray hair behind Y/n's ear, "I'm glad you like this place so much. It's been a long time since someone last came here..." his voice trails off his eyes holding a deep irony, a flame of a memory that seemed so close to being put out sparking in his eyes.

Yoongi covers for him closing in on Y/n, wrapping his arm around her waist, saying in a deep, slightly sleepy voice, he changes the conversation, "how are you feeling about going back to school? Worried? Nervous? Excited?" He questions. Face immediately flushed pink Y/ns focus hones into his arm that's comfortably wrapped around her, "uumm I-I guess I'm just-" she shakes her head to snap herself out of it- "just nervous I guess, how people will react when they see me... but I know that even if they still don't like me, at least my name is cleared."

Sitting up Y/n looks around and asks something she's been curious about, Y/n asks, "how did you guys even find out about those secret cameras? I thought you would just use my recording."

Namjoon speaks up, "we originally planned to just use your video of the fight but since it was only the audio, and Chelsea can be Very persuasive with the people at your school, we wanted to make sure there were no loose ends she could grab onto. Originally we were gonna go to that bathroom with a memory crystal, an item that can recall and record the events of a room it's turned on in going back a year. And then have Yoongi transfer that to his phone with a new system he's been working on. But when we got there we noticed the principal's two way mirror, with the camera, and just used that instead. Two birds with one stone." He smirks proudly.

Y/n turns pale, "so the principal actually had cameras in the bathroom!?..... that's disgusting, I was kinda hoping it was you guys setting him up..." Y/n mumbles in horror. Jin speaks up, "Yeah he's a horrible pervert, sadly when I was doing a check up on the investigation, he's been claiming it was for "security purposes" and since he didn't put any of the cameras in the toilets themselves, it seems that he's just been put on a sex offender list, and higher ups forcing him to quit."

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