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Original Edition: important announcement

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To my Dear Reader,

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To my Dear Reader,

When I started Chasing Red, I didn't know if I could even finish it. After all, I had never finished a novel before. But you started reading, and then you started commenting. And you have given me one of the best gifts a writer could receive—your love and support. Because of your encouragement, I was able to write more books.

I hope that with all the books I have written in the Chasing Red universe: Chasing Red, Always Red, Spitfire in Love, Reckless in Love, and Wicked in Love soon to come, that you have enjoyed and loved these characters. I hope that when you read my books you felt the same emotions that I did when I wrote them; fell in love when they did, cried for (and with) them when they were heartbroken. For when I wrote these stories, I thought of you.

I am so excited to share with you the news that my published books including Chasing Red, Always Red, and Spitfire in Love will be a part of the Paid program on Wattpad on July 21st! This is a very exciting and great opportunity for writers like me to keep doing what we love to do—to write more stories you'll love.

I started Chasing Red in the middle of 2014 and finished it on Wattpad in almost two years. Every chapter I wrote had my heart and my utmost dedication. I had spent thousands of hours writing it, often having sleepless nights trying to come up with scenarios that would keep you entertained and glued to the story. It was hard and it took so much effort and time, but I loved every minute of it - because you were there to read it. I know that I would have never finished my books without you.

All my books have always been free on Wattpad, even after they were published. It will always be on Wattpad for you, it's just a part of the Paid program now. I hope you understand and support me in this new opportunity. I'm just like you who works very hard to earn a living especially in these hard times.

I am also very excited to announce that when you purchase my books on Wattpad, you will get both the published version and the original Wattpad version of Chasing Red, Always Red, and Spitfire in Love. I can't wait for you to read the published version with the revised and added content!

Since the Wattpad version of Chasing Red is so long, my publishers made them into two books: Chasing Red and Always Red. Chasing Red will therefore be separated into two books on Wattpad: The Chasing Red book will contain the published edition & original edition, and the separated Always Red book will contain its published edition & original Wattpad edition. I hope with this new great opportunity you will be with me. Your support means so much and keeps me writing.

To my Kara and Cameron readers, their second book Reckless in Love is currently free on Wattpad. Their third and last book Wicked in Love is free on Wattpad while I'm writing it. There is so much work to do, but I feel fire in my heart for Kara and Cameron and I am eager to write their story! Thank you for making the experience of writing on Wattpad wonderful for me with your love for these characters who are real to me. I promise that I will give my whole heart in every chapter of Wicked in Love, just like in every one of my books. I will share some of my progress on my Instagram @isabelleronin

 I will share some of my progress on my Instagram @isabelleronin

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I am grateful to have connected with you through my books. I have dedicated years of my life creating them. I'm thankful that you've given me a chance and read them. Thank you for acknowledging my life's work. It means a lot to me.

Thank you for being here.



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