Falling Asleep

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[Word count: 874 words]

Ethan's POV (him in picture) 

Mallow tries her best to not seem scared of the movie, but her tightening grip on my arm gives it all away

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Mallow tries her best to not seem scared of the movie, but her tightening grip on my arm gives it all away. She looks adorable all curled up around my arm, peeking glances at me with her hazel eyes, but quickly turns away and focuses on the movie again. Her small, petite frame looks just about the cutest thing with her hair up in a messy bun. 

She sleepily rubs her eyes but forces herself to stay awake, closing her eyes for some time but opening them again and focusing on the movie again. 

"What's wrong?" I ask as I notice her stirring around and whimpering.

"Me sleepy," she says and rubs her eyes.

"Then sleep," I reply, petting her head.

"But the movie," she says and looks at the screen before looking back at me.

"Want me to turn it off?" I question, turning the volume down already.

"Nuh uh, I said a movie night, not a sleepy night," she says, shaking her head.

"It can be a movie night and a sleepy night," I answer and look down at her.

"But we haven't even finished one movie yet," she replies, pouting and looking at me.

She has always made my Daddy Dom side act up, especially when she is pouting and being clingy. I know she is a little, maybe she knows I am a Dom too, but we don't need to worry about that. I can always just take care of her when she needs it, and I'll be happy and content with that. 

"Do you want to stay up and finish the movie or sleep?" I ask, gently stroking her hair now. 

"Dunno," she says and puts her arms around me, resting her head on my chest and closing her eyes gently. 

"So, sleeping?" I chuckle, kissing her forehead.

She simply nods at my statement, not opening her eyes at all. 

"Use your words like a big girl, princess," I tell her, putting an arm around her and hand on her butt to keep her close to me.

Once again, she just shakes her head a little and whimpers, a little pout forming on her lips. 

"Do you like being a bad little girl, Mallow?" I ask, more as a warning than a question. 

She shakes her head again and earns herself a quick, hard slap on her butt. 

"Ouchie! Why?" she questions as she goes to rub her butt, but I rub it for her. 

"Oh, so now you speak up?" I say while patting her butt softly.

"Shut up, meanie," she huffs and snuggles more into my chest. 

"Is calling people 'meanie' how good little girls behave?" I ask sternly, making her look up at me. 

"But you being a meanie," she mumbles, clearly slipping into her littlespace again. 

"Last warning before you land yourself a punishment, sweetheart," I inform and stroke her soft hair. 

"Sholly, won't happen again," she says and starts sucking on her thumb softly.

"Good girl," I praise her and pat her head, watching her suck on her thumb and very obviously be her little self. 

"Mhm, me is," she agrees, keeping her thumb in her mouth. 

I slowly take it out of her mouth as she whimpers a little at the loss of her thumb in her mouth, looking at me with huge doe eyes.

"Do you have a paci lying around, little one?" I ask, glancing my eyes over in her room. 

"Yesh, yesh, it a panda paci!" she says excitedly.

"Oh really? Where is the cute panda paci?" I ask, kissing her cheek. 

"Me no remember," she says with a frown.

"Aw, that's okay, honey, where do you last remember using it?" I question, trying to look for it everywhere. 

"Cinderelly, me was watching that in living room," she says, pointing at her bedroom door and sucking on her thumb once again. 

I place her head on a pillow as she curls up before I get up and start looking for her pacifier and locating it soon enough under a blanket lying on her couch. 

"Open your mouth, cookie," I say as I sit back beside her. 

She scoots closer to me and places her head on my lap before opening her mouth. I place the pacifier in her mouth as she quickly begins sucking on it.

"Much better," I say and play with her hair as she slowly closes her eyes again, looking absolutely adorable while being in her own little head. 

"Mm hmm," she hums on it and curls up further. 

I quickly place a blanket over her as she is drifting off to sleep and keep stroking her cheek gently, placing a small kiss on the top of her head before laying down myself and putting her upper body on my chest as she subconsciously wraps my arm around her, the hand resting on her lower back and her small frame seeming even tinier due to being curled up beside me. 

I fall asleep soon enough as I feel her presence beside me and let her cuddle up to me as she wants. 

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