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"cmereee." keelie said, reaching for tyler who was playing video games at the end of his bed.

it was 8pm on a thursday night, and keelie was just hanging out at tyler's. he hadnt seen josh in a while, and it was kind of upsetting to him.

"what's up baby?" tyler asked, leaning towards here.

"look." she said, holding up her phone and sticking her tongue out. tyler smiled, sticking his tongue out against her face.

keelie posted it to her story, with the caption 'i luv ty'

"will you find my alto babe?" tyler asked, focusing on his game again. keelie looked around, finding it and handing it to him. he took a hit before leaning and laying on his back to play his game.

"fuckkk." he groaned, turning off his game after he lost. he laid back down, keelie immediately finding her way on top of him.

"i love you." she said.

"love you too." tyler replied, getting on his phone. he wanted to text josh back, but couldn't.

keelie kissed him, tyler kissing back before pulling away.

"cmere." she said, grabbing his phone and putting it down. she straddled him, connecting their lips again.

tyler kissed back, but he really wasn't in the mood. he just simply didn't enjoy sex with her anymore.

"babe, babe." he said in the kiss, pulling back. "i'm not really in the mood."

"of course." she rolled her eyes, getting off of him.

"what's that supposed to mean?" tyler asked, sitting up.

"ty, we haven't had sex in like 3 weeks. what's your problem with me?" she said.

"i just haven't felt like it? i haven't been in the mood." tyler said defensively. he has been in the mood, but usually a certain someone would take care of it for him.

"are you fucking other girls?" keelie asked, tyler scoffed.

"no, keels, i'm not fucking other girls." well it wasn't a lie. "are you fucking other dudes?" he asked her.

"see you always have to turn this shit back around on me." keelie laughed.

"sorry that i can't forget when my girlfriend fucked my best friend." tyler said.

"are you serious? you literally cheated on me what, 3 weeks ago?" she said.

"okay, and you know why i did it? cause i felt like you didn't love me anymore. you just did it cause you're a terrible fucking person." tyler yelled. keelies mouth dropped, scoffing.

"yes please, please call your girlfriend a terrible person, it makes me feel so good." she said, tears starting to form in her eyes.

"why, why do we continue to fucking fight all the goddamn time? every little thing i do you have to pick up a fight?" tyler said, laughing and running his hand through his hair.

"cause every single thing you do pisses me off!"

"then why are we still fucking together?" tyler said.

"i don't fucking know." she laughed, wiping some tears from her face.

"just leave. just fucking leave i cant do this shit with you right now." tyler said, standing up and grabbing her stuff to hand to her. keelie looked at him, rage in her eyes.

"fuck you." she said, grabbing her shit and slamming his door.

tyler stood up, and straightened his room a little.

"fuckin ugh." tyler sighed. rubbing his face. 

he changed into his bathing suit, deciding to chill in the hot tub to relax.

"hey, you good man?" zack asked, once tyler walked out of his room.

"yeah she's just bein bitchy. i'm gonna go chill in the hot tub." tyler said.

"you need some company?" he asked.

"nah i'm good, unless you just want to." tyler shrugged. he kinda wanted to be alone.

"alright i might come later i dunno." zack shrugged.

"alright." tyler said. he headed downstairs.

"did keels say anything to y'all?" he asked his parents.

"no, she just said she was leaving. everything okay?" chris asked.

"maybe. i dunno." tyler shrugged, heading outside before they could ask anymore questions.

tyler got in the hot tub, getting settled before he pulled out his phone.

josh snap was a picture of his face smiling. 'i mean i'll probably end up going to osu'

they were talking about colleges before. tyler took a picture of the water. 'me and keelie just got in a huge ass fight cause i didn't wanna fuck. i think we might've broken up.'

josh answered relatively fast, with a picture of his bed. "i'm sorry. are you okay?"

tyler took a picture of his face "i'm okay, idk what's gonna happen tho"

tyler wanted to break up with her, but at the same time he still was in love with her. it was just a really hard situation.

tyler spent about an hour in the hot tub, just talking to josh about the whole situation and everything.

he got out of the water, drying off and then heading back inside to eat.

"are y'all good?" zack asked.

"i dunno. she kinda left before anything was cleared up." tyler shrugged. "speak of the devil" tyler said as keelie was calling him.

"wish me luck." tyler said to zack before heading up to his room and answering the call.

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