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"that was amazing baby." tyler smiled, kissing the side of joshs face.

they had just finished, uh, wrestling. it was currently 1am, and josh had snuck into tyler's room through his window.

"thank you." josh replied, connecting their lips. "i don't wanna leave."

"i don't want you to either. just stay." tyler nudged his head with his nose.

"yeah right." josh giggled.

"yeahhh just stay and leave early in the morning." tyler whined.

"no way in hell i'd be brave enough to do that." josh said, kissing him.

"fineee i guess i'm worth nothing to you." tyler said.

"oh yeah right." josh sarcastically said. "i've had a crush on you for years and years."

"aren't you glad i hit you up." tyler smiled.

"so so glad. still can't even believe it."  josh shook his head. he reached over, stealing tyler's hoodie and sliding it on.

"hey now, that's a good hoodie." tyler said, smiling at josh in it.

"i know, i want it." josh said, cuddling up to tyler's side.

"fine, but only cause it looks good on you." tyler said.

"wanna know a secret." josh said, blushing.

"of course." tyler nodded, kissing his head.

"used to, when you would be gone, i used to come in here and try your hoodies on." josh said, tyler looking at him weird and laughing.

"stalker much?" tyler said, josh rolling his eyes and pushing him.

"okay okay it's not that creepy." josh said.

"it is a little." tyler said. "but it's okay, now you have your own."

"it smells so good." josh said, looking at him and smiling.

tyler kissed him, bringing his hand up to joshs jaw.

"ty, i really need to leave." josh smiled, tyler continuing to peck his lips while he talked.

"noooo." tyler protested, pulling him to straddle him.

"yesssss." josh mocked him. tyler sighed, kissing him again.

"fine, fine just leave." tyler threw his hands up, josh giggling.

"i'll come back tomorrow night." josh said, kissing him once more before standing up and getting dressed the rest of the way. he grabbed his phone and kissed tyler again.

"text me when you get back." tyler said, pulling on his own boxers before opening his window and getting back in bed.

"okay." josh smiled, putting one leg out the window.

click. creak

"yo ty-"

not a single breath was heard in that room.

"what?" zack said, frozen in place.

josh was halfway out the window in tyler's hoodie, his jaw open and face hot.

tyler was looking at zack, who had tears pricking at his eyes.

"i-i don't," zack started, before scoffing and walking out the room and shutting the door.

"oh my god." tyler said, looking at josh.

joshs heart was in his stomach.

A/N: it was bound to happen eventually boys, cmon

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