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"tyler i don't know what to do he's gonna hate me. he's my bestfriend i can't lose him." josh cried into the phone.

he was sitting in his car on the phone with tyler after zack had caught them.

"i know baby i'm so sorry i don't know what to do either. i tried to go in his room and he locked the door he won't talk to me." tyler sighed. he was freaking out probably more than josh, but was trying to stay calm for him.

"what does this mean for us?" josh asked.

"i don't want this to stop us." tyler replied. he really didn't.

"i don't either ty, i just... we really fucked up here." josh breathed in shakily.

"i know. i know." tyler sighed.

-the next day-

josh laid in bed, not wanting to get up. he was completely in shock. so many things were running through his mind.

what if zack never talks to him again? what if he outs tyler? what if this ruins zack and tyler's relationship?

just so many what ifs.

he just felt so stupid for thinking they could hide this from zack forever. he wanted it to come out eventually, but not like this.

t: baby, it's just me and zack at the house. i figure now would be a good time to come and try and talk. he won't talk to me.

josh read the text, tears pricking at his eyes. he really, really did not want to do this. he knew he had to though, if there was any chance the friendship could be saved.

j: okay, i'm on my way

josh told his parents he was going to zacks, before getting in his car and heading over. the whole drive was full of anxious thoughts.

he pulled up, taking a second to breath and calm himself before heading inside. he was met with tyler on the couch.

"where is he?" josh asked.

"in his room. he came out once and just looked at me. he wouldn't answer me." tyler said. josh sighed, hugging him and pressing a quiet kiss to his lips.

"should i just try and knock?" josh asked.

"i guess so." tyler shrugged, following him up the stairs.

"zack it's me." josh said, knocking a few times.

"what?" zack replied.

"can we talk?" josh stuttered, looking at tyler nervously.

it was quiet for a while, josh started to walk away before he heard the door open. zack stood and stared at them.

"can we talk?" josh repeated. zack shrugged, walking back in his room. the boys following him.

"um, i guess i just wanna start off with im sorry. i-uh, i don't really know how this happened and-"

"how long?" zack interrupted.

"what?" josh asked.

"how long have you been fucking him?" zack said.

"um," josh started to lie, but figured why not just be one hundred percent here. he already fucked up enough. "since he got back from that basketball camp."

zack scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"im sorry." josh said.

"i cant even process this josh. you knew, you fucking knew, that this wasn't okay. you knew he wasnt into guys, and he had a fucking girlfriend!" zack said.

"zack i started it i was the one that texted him first." tyler stepped in.

"how long have you been into guys?" zack asked.

"i wasn't until him." tyler said looking his hands. he was beyond embarrassed.

"so you've been cheating on keelie? is he why y'all broke up?" zack said. there was too much for him to process right now. everything he thought about his brother was flipped upside down.

"i was uh, cheating with him. but he's not why we broke up." tyler said.

"so, you've been fucking my brother this whole goddamn time?" zack scoffed, looking back at josh.

"i'm sorry." josh said, again. he started to tear up.

"do you understand how fucked that is?" zack started. "i don't understand what was going through your mind. having a crush on him, whatever, but fucking him behind my back? i cant trust you ever after this." he finished. he was pissed.

"i don't know what to say. it just started and didn't stop and i knew it was wrong but i kept doing it. i knew it would make you upset but i was selfish and a fucking idiot and i'm so sorry." josh said, struggling to find the words to say.

"i don't fucking care how sorry you are josh. get the hell out of my house. right now."

"zack wait-" tyler started.

"and you! i cant believe you!" zack yelled. josh left the room, running downstairs crying.

"i'm sorry zack okay?!" tyler said.

"he's my best fucking friend tyler! what made you think to even do this?! cheating? and i'm happy you're finding your sexuality, but why just josh? and why not tell me you were questioning? i don't even know what to think, this is fucking insane." zack slightly laughed, pacing his room and running his hand through his hair.

"i don't know zack, i don't know why just josh, but all i know is i like him. more than i ever liked keelie, or any of my past girlfriends. i don't know why it had to be him. and i didn't plan on this happening for so long okay. you can hate me all you want but please don't hate josh. it was my fault. i knew he liked me and texted him. it's all on me." tyler said.

"no, no it's not all on you. the amount of times me and josh have talked about him and you and every single fucking time i said how i would be mad and weirded out and he still went off and fucked you. get out." zack snapped back.

"you have every right to be upset just let me explain." tyler said.

"there's nothin to explain! both of you! you're both doing this shit behind my back when y'all knew i wouldn't be okay with this! am i crazy or is this completely fucked up?!" zack said.

"it is, it is fucked up and i'm sorry-"

"stop saying you're fucking sorry. just get out." zack said.

tyler started to talk but gave up, deciding to just leave. he went downstairs to find josh sitting on the couch picking at his lip.

"stop stop it's okay." tyler said, pulling his hand away. he sat next to him and hugged him.

"he's gonna hate me forever." josh cried.

"it'll be okay. he'll understand he's just, shocked right now." tyler said. he didn't know if he even believed his own words.

"this fucking sucks." josh said. looking up at him. "i know it may not be that big of a deal to you but i literally grew up with him. he's my bestfriend and i love him."

"it is a big deal to me. i don't want you to be upset."

"thank you." josh sighed.

"of course my love." tyler replied.

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