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"hey bren." josh sighed, hugging him back.

"hey guys. y'all doing okay?" brendon asked, hugging tyler after.

"not really." josh chuckled, following brendon up to his room.

josh and tyler came over to brendon's, cause he was pretty much the only person they could talk to and ask for advice.

josh had told brendon what happened with zack, and he offered for them to come over and talk.

"so how'd he find out?" brendon asked, stretching out on his bed.

"he walked in tyler's right when i was climbing out the window. he literally always goes to sleep at like 10:00, and it was like 3:00am." josh said. tyler said against the headboard, josh laying down with his head in his lap.

"that's the worst possible timing ever." brendon shook his head.

"yeah, i didn't even think it was possible for zack to be awake that late." tyler said, playing with joshs hair.

"well, what are y'all gonna do?" brendon asked.

"what do you mean?" tyler replied.

"about yalls relationship or whatever?" he said.

"i mean we both have agreed that we uh, we have feelings i guess." tyler said, brendon nodding.

"we don't want this to 'end' us or whatever but i also can't lose zack." josh sighed.

"it's a really hard situation." tyler leaned his head back.

"it sounds like it. and zack was really pissed?" brendon asked.

"yeah. he was really upset. he won't talk to either of us." tyler said.

"i think the only way to get through to him and kind of make him understand is for y'all to really understand what's happening between y'all." brendon said.

"how do we do that?" tyler said.

"i mean, you both have major feelings?" brendon said.

"yeah." both boys responded.

"so it's way more than just hookups right?" brendon asked.

both boys nodded.

"let zack know. he has a reason to be pissed, and not saying it's gonna fix everything but maybe if he knows that it's not just hooking up for fun, and that it's more serious he might feel a little better. he'd want y'all to be happy." brendon said.

"i guess." josh shrugged. "i just feel so bad."

"i mean yeah, it wasn't the smartest thing but ya know, shit happens. you had a crush on him, he knew it and wanted to explore. just so happened it worked out." brendon said.

"how are you so smart bren?" tyler asked, lightening the mood a bit.

"cause i smoke a lotttttt of weed." brendon replied.

"wouldn't that make you less smart?" josh giggled.

"it works the exact opposite for me. it's like, smart weed." brendon smirked.

"smart weed, that sounds like a brand." josh giggled.

"like smart water." tyler replied, looking down at josh who was smiling big and laughing. tyler smiled back, admiring him. he rubbed his thumb across joshs cheek.

"so pretty." tyler said, forgetting brendon was in the room. josh blushed hard.

"would you two like a moment alone?" brendon chuckled, looking at them funny.

"sorry bren." tyler chuckled.

"it's okay, but i'm joining in on this." brendon said, cuddling up to them.

"tell me i'm pretty ty." brendon said, the boys laughing.

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