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"i'm sorry baby does it hurt bad?" josh asked.

"yeah, they did give me some good ass drugs though." tyler said into the phone, causing josh to giggle.

it was two days after tyler's little fiasco with keelies new boy toy. the boys were just talking on the phone.

tyler ended up breaking the bone on the outside of his hand, and his pinky.  during the fight, he had missed and accidentally punched the tile floor.  he had a cast luckily his left hand, that his pinky and ring finger were also enclosed in. it was black.

"my crippled boy." josh said, tyler chuckling.

"i know i'm so miserable i need you to do everything for me or i'm gonna die."

"woah now you're just milking it." josh said.

"hey, i'm incapable of doing anything ever again."

"alright i guess no more sex." josh teased.

"i think my hand is magically healed that was random."

"yeah that's what i thought." josh laughed. "but for real i cannot believe she did that. literally what did she think was gonna happen?"

"i know it's insane. i know she was trying to get me to do something i don't think she thought i'd best his ass though."

"how bad did you get him?" josh asked.

"pretty bad. i didn't really see his face after but it was bloody." tyler said. "i felt bad even though he deserved it. i hate fights."

"they are scary sometimes. but i think you had a pass this time."

"maybe. that's only like my second fight ever."

"what was your first?"

"in like 11th grade this guy was being a bitch to a kid so i beat his ass. remember landon?" tyler asked.

"yeah, he like never talked." josh replied.

"yeah he was getting bullied. i don't know if you know him his name was carter."

"yeah i don't know him." josh said.

"he was only here for a semester."

"you probably scared him out." josh said.

"i definitely did." tyler chuckled. "anyways though how was your day?"

"it was pretty good, me and jordan went on a lunch date and then came back and have just been watching movies. how was yours?"

"just been in bed all day. i tried to nap but my hand was hurting too bad. i'm about to snort this pain pills."

"i'm no expert but that probably wouldn't be the best idea."

"i agree, might ruin my good boy reputation."

"oh yeah such a good boy."

"is it bad i heard your eyes roll through the phone?" tyler laughed.

"that was the goal." josh said.

"i miss you." tyler sighed.

"i miss you more. it's been so long."

"for real. you make me so happy."

"me too ty. maybe my family will leave soon." josh said. "wait ty?"

"yeah love?" 

"zack just texted me." josh said, tyler going quiet.

"w-what did he say?"

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