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it was a saturday night, and tyler, zack and josh were chillin in their hot tub. kelly and chris took jay to the doctor and then to their grandparents for the night.

"i swear dude, remember when she tried to get me to buy her a dog?" tyler said, zack laughing.

"yeah and it was like 800 dollars i was like the fuck?" zack said.

"i never understand that, i hate when people buy me things i always feel so bad." josh shook his head.

they were talking about keelie, and how she always tried to get tyler to buy her expensive stuff all the time.

"me too, i always wanna pay them back at least." tyler said. him and josh were sitting next to each other, with zack across. tyler had his arms resting on the side of the hot tub, his arm with the cast behind josh.

"and remember when she was trying to get me to tell you to buy it?" zack said.

"i think i was there for that." josh said.

"yeah yeah that was so awkward." zack laughed.

"glad she's gone. i was upset about it but damn, i feel so much better without her." tyler said. "i feel like johnny depp."

"keels and amber would be bffs." josh giggled.

"literally." tyler rolled his eyes. he reached up and brushed joshs hair out of his face.

"this is such a weird sight to see." zack said, smiling.

"is it uncomfy for you?" josh asked, zack laughing.

"not uncomfy, just weird. i feel like i'm inside joshs dream." he joked.

"first it was smelling my hoodies and now it's dreaming about me?" tyler looked at josh laughing.

"okay okay when you say it like that i sound like a creep." josh whined.

"it's pretty creepy." zack said.

"zack you're supposed to back me up here." josh kicked him under the water.

"you're right tyler you're the creep you shouldn't have had hoodies." zack said.

"oh my bad that's on me." tyler said, nudging josh.

"it's late as fuck." zack yawned, looking at his apple watch.

"zack it's 10:30." tyler laughed.

"that's late as fuck for me bitch." zack said.

"i'll never understand you. you're like a grandma." tyler said.

"well at least this grandma has a good sleep schedule." he said, getting out of the hot tub. "i'll see y'all in the morning."

"goodnight zacky." josh said.

"goodnight." tyler said.

"night bitches." zack smiled, drying off and heading inside.

"it's so pretty out here." josh said, leaning into tyler's shoulder and looking up at the stars.

tyler tilted joshs chin up and pressed their lips together, capturing him in a passionate kiss.

they pulled apart, josh smiling and blushing hard.

tyler smiled back, putting his arm on the side again and looking up at the sky.

"there's the little and big dipper." he said pointing.

"literally me and you." josh said, tyler chuckling.

"are you the big one?" he asked.

"oh yeah, definitely." josh nodded.

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