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"tyler muthafuckin joseph." brendon said, grabbing tyler's arm and pulling him in. he was wearing some black sweatpants material shorts that had rainbow weed leaves on them, and his matching bucket hat as well as his white round sunglasses. he had some music going throughout the house.

"nice to see you to bren." tyler laughed, zack and josh following behind him.

"listen motherfucker, how fucked up are you trying to be tonight." brendon said, wrapping his arm around his shoulders.

"pretty damn fucked up. how high are you?" tyler laughed.

"good. and very high that's not the point. guess what?" brendon pulled down his sunglasses showing the boys his red ass eyes.

"oh my god." he laughed "what?" tyler asked, looking at him.

"its a Smirnoff night." brendon said, reaching in the freezer and grabbing four fifths of the pineapple flavored vodka.

"no way." tyler said, grabbing his bottle.

"what's the story behind this?" josh asked, grabbing a bottle brendon handed him.

"ohhh shit you never told them ty?" brendon asked.

"nope." tyler shook his head.

"me and tyler each drank a whole one of these one night. literally don't remember any of that whole entire night." brendon said. "gage was driving us that night, he said it was a shit show."

"how bad was it?" zack asked, laughing.

"we got caught by the cops at the party, he said i blew a .27 bac." brendon said. "they let me go cause i was with someone sober but i literally don't know how i got out of that."

"i blew a .26 also." tyler said. "lemme find the videos gage and justin sent." he said, going through their group chat.

he pulled up one video, which was gage in the middle and two other guys on either side of brendon and tyler and both boys were barely conscious. brendon saw the flash, looking up with his eyes closed and head tilting back. he tried to hold up the rock sign and stick his tongue out, but it didn't really work out for him. the next video was them passed out face first on the ground. there was also a bunch of pictures of them in various places passed out.

"bitch it's a wonder yall are still alive?!" zack said, him and josh laughing.

"yeah, it was bad." brendon said. "i've never been that drunk before in my entire life."

"me neither. i was drunk the whole next day." tyler said, opening his bottle.

"i figured we could drink half tonight. get us pretty fucked up but not black out." brendon said.

"famous last words." tyler laughed, clinking his bottle with brendon.

"yeah i'm gonna drink like a quarter of mine." josh said.

"same." zack agreed, clinking their bottles and taking a sip.

the boys brought their bottles as well as some water outside, where they sat around brendon's electric fire thing. it was a pretty chilly night.

josh sat down next to zack, with tyler and brendon across from him.

they talked for a while, just drinking and laughing. it wasn't too long before tyler and brendon finished half of their bottles, and zack and josh drank about a quarter of it.

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