Chapter 1

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I'm nervous. I know I shouldn't be but I am. I have just landed an interview at Anderson's Corporation, Australia's biggest. I've read a lot about this company. It's literally mentioned in every magazine and newspaper and all the news channels. Sam Anderson, the CEO of Anderson's Corporation is also everywhere. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. To make things worse he is taking my interview today. That's just great, exactly what I needed. He seems so intimidating.

I look down at my clothes. A cotton top with a black cardigan and a navy blue skirt with navy blue stockings. I ain't getting this interview looking like this. I stare at the White blouse and black business jacket and skirt my mother sent me. There is no way I can wear that, and those black pumps she sent. I'll trip before I even get to the interview. I look in the mirror, no creases.

"Okay" I say.
"I can do this"

I grab my keys off the kitchen bench and head for the stairs to get to the carpark. I breathe in. I really need this job, I'm behind on rent and can barely pay for my other bills. Talk about food, I've had peanut butter and bread for the past two weeks.

I park my car across the street from Anderson's Corporation. I grab my folder and my bag. That building is huge. I didn't think it was. Actually they'll have to come up with a whole new word for the size of the building because huge is underestimating it. I nervously tap my hands against my leg.

"Slow and steady steps, Violet" I tell myself.

Interview starts in thirty minutes. Maybe if I walk slowly, I won't have to see Sam so soon.

I walk into the building and the receptionist directs me to level twelve before she looks me up and down and giggles. I look down at my clothes. Please don't tell me there is a stain.

I walk to the elevator and press twelve. Two men walk in with business suits and a lady with a tight skirt and blouse. What do you call it? I think pencil skirt. I'm not sure. Maybe I should've worn the outfit mum sent me. I take a deep breath. The men look at me and smile. I try to smile back but I'm pretty sure I make a weird face instead. The lady stares at me then exits the elevator on level six. Maybe it's my hair. Oh my god, what if a pigeon crapped on my hair. I touch my hair several times to get a feel and make sure it's okay but instead the two men in the suits look at me with concern. I drop my hands to my side. I take a deep breath. There is no way I'm getting this job.

I get to the twelve floor and the lady at the desk wearing a grey tight skirt and jacket with a white button up shirt instructs me to sit on the couches to the right until my name is called. I skim through the people. There is another fourteen people here. All dressed in suits and business like and here I am with a cardigan. Although that's all my wardrobe consists of.

I tap my leg against the floor tiles and everyone immediately faces me. I look down at my skirt and play with the corner of it. I'm nervous. These people look like professionals. I've just got a bachelors in business. I'm sure these people are more educated and qualified than me.

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