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I walk back into the interrogation room confidently, asserting my power with my demeanour. "I heard you'd only talk to me." I say proudly, taking a seat opposite her.

"Well of course I want to talk to you, anything to hear that pretty voice of yours." She smiles.

I roll my eye at her "Explain your relationship with Mr Chambers to me."

"Well, you see him and I had a wonderful relationship, I did this thing where I'd bring him coffee and take care of his paper work. Let me ask you Agent Y/L/N have you ever heard of an assistant?" She laughs, mocking my intelligence but I ignore her attempts to frustrate me.

"We know you were more than an assistant, now I'd like to know what that entailed."

She bites her lip "What do you think it entailed?" She husks in a sultry manner. Her words leading me to believe she had some kind of sexual relationship with Mr Chambers.

"Romanoff, did your assistant contact also include sexual favours or was that something you did for fun?" I keep my questions straight forward.

She smirks shaking her head "Wow... I'm starting to see why Agent Davies gets so frustrated with you, your blind to all the advances made towards you. Agent Y/L/N I like women and I thought I'd made that clear." She winks playfully.

I clear my throat now feeling slightly annoyed at myself for being so oblivious. "Agent Davies?" I ask.

"Didn't you know, Mr brown eyes has a crush on you?" She beams.

"Enough of that, Agent Davies' love life has nothing to do with you. Back to the much more important conversation, your relationship with Mr Chambers."

"No seriously I'm just his assistant, no sexual favours. I promise you Agent Y/L/N," She licks her lips lightly while tilting her head "Now would I lie to you?"

I feel her foot run up the inside of my exposed calf, my breath catching in the back my throat at the sensation tingling up legs.

I pull my leg away from her, clearing my throat again, releasing the air that had previously been trapped.

"Okay fine how about you tell me about Mr Chambers, was he a good boss to you?" I decide to change my integration approach by asking her seemingly standard questions.

The idea is to get her talking and then eventually hopefully I'll get something of more value out of her.

"How about we make a negotiation?" she offers.

"I think that would be a wonderful plan." I smile, pleased I was finally getting somewhere with her.

"You ask me a question, then I get to ask you one with one contingency if when the time runs out you can't charge me, you go on a date with me and if you do charge me well, well done to you. 32 hours to go."

I stand from my seat all walk outside to talk to Agent Davies.

"What do I do it? do I play her game or not?" I question him.

"I hate to break it to you, but you don't really have a choice. If we do convict her which, if you can get her talking, we will everything will be fine... plus you don't have to actually go on the date. Just say you will." He explains and I reluctantly agree.


"Okay, I'll play."

"Glad to see you've come to your senses. Okay I get to go first." she says and I nod "okay."

"So Agent Y/L/N do have a family?" She asks.

"Yes, I have a brother." I respond honestly.

"No parents then?" She asks.

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