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The clock was ticking and slowly but surely I was running out of time. Agent Davies and I have tried technique after technique and we were still getting nowhere.

I slouched in my chair, finally growing tried of her nonstop bullshit, running rings around me with her flirting.

So far the only information I have about Natasha Romanoff is that she is Mr Chambers' assistant, she seems to care about him and some how she has plenty of money to waste on a date I have no intention of showing up for.

However, it has come to my realisation that she may in fact be right. Innocent or not she gets to walk freely in 3 hours and until we have more proof to arrest her, there's nothing we can do.

"I'll look forward to our date." She bats her lashes; she's still not wearing her cuffs from when we took them off many hours ago.

Most of the time the cuffs scare people, they make them see the importance of the situation and they keep us and themselves safe.

Since Romanoff has expressed such compassion for me I have no reason to believe she'd hurt me and though I know her flirtatious game is nothing more than that, a game I still don't think she'd hurt me.

"So can I pick you up at your place on Saturday at 7pm?" She asks calmly.

"You're not actually taking me on a date." I retort.

"You don't want to go on a date with me?" She asks nonchalantly.

"No I don't." I tell her, my face plain of emotion.

"So what you're saying is," she leans forward tracing her index finger over my hand "you're not the least bit curious about what I have to offer."

I let out a short shaky breath "Nothing you have to offer would interest me."

"Okay but hear me out, I think you'd love to get to know me. I think you're dying to know if I'm telling the truth... if I have the money I say I do. I think you're just the slightest bit intrigued to find out what a date with Natasha Romanoff would entail." She taunts.

"And why would a girl like you want to take a girl like me out on a date?" I question.

"Because you want to go on a date with me, and you hate that somehow I've managed to charm you and that is something I truly never thought would happen," she sighs "you're little miss perfect, that's how you come across, but I think there's a whole other side to you and I'd love to find out more."

I laugh at her outrageous insinuation that I'd like her. She couldn't probably be any furthest from the truth and she's by far even further from my type.

Sure, she's hot, but anyone can be hot; what I need is stability.

Someone who has their life together and this girl definitely doesn't and to top it all off, she's a murder suspect.

"You have a lot of confidence," I laugh "there's nothing all that special about you and yet your convinced I like you."

"Well what's not to like about me? okay so maybe you think I'm a murderer but the times almost up and you'll have to let me go, so you can't hold that against me." She explains.

"You're so full of yourself." I scoff.

"And your a little bitchy but hey, you're pretty so I can push that aside." She rolls her eyes.

I roll my eyes at her.

"You're just mad that I'm winning, when you made a huge point about locking me away." She shrugs.

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