Chapter 5✨

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I wakes up and saw my uncle win and mild hugging me. I slowly loosen the hug of this two uncle's of mine and go to shower and eat breakfast. After I was done I decided to visit my dad. I miss him he never visit me for one day well he's just leaving here in pa-ngan but it's a long walked to travel to my dad's house. I run towards my father's house.

"Dad" I shouted and walked inside the house my dad approached me .

"Hey darling" my dad kissed me on my cheeks. "So how's going down there?" my dad asked.

Before i answer him I saw his working a building oh my father is an engineer he owns one of the famous business in Bangkok, he's a hell famous actor before but he decided to just take care of Jongcheevevat corporation. He works eventhough his here in pa-ngan my father let my brother Mix to fix everything in his business. Mix is my step brother his mom and my dad broke up after my dad discovered that my Papa Gulf have a son to him, well dad said that he never love Mix mom and he only love so much is Mix, me and Papa Gulf. After my Papa Gulf died he never find someone to replace my papa Gulf he loves him so much. He leaves here to remember Papa Gulf he wanted to get old and died here too where my Papa Gulf died, that's my daddy Mew wish. I sat down the chair and face my dad.

"Well it's really good now there's a lot to do and I hope your proud to me" I smiled brightly to him that's what I want to make my dad's proud and of course my papa Gulf.

"You know that I'm always be proud of you and also to your brother Mix" my daddy Mew smiled and I just nodded. "Ohhhh also your daddy Kao and Bright is so proud of you" my daddy Mew reassured me.

"Yeah, I really miss them" I said and pouted looking down the floor

"You know that your dads has a lot of works to do, your daddy kao has a business in--"

"I know dad, I have you and that's enough for me" I said looking at my daddy mew.

"Yeah I know but i don't know if I can face them" my daddy Mew said he really can't stand with other people now when my Papa Gulf died he decided to leave here alone and just me and Mix he talks. His brother Bright never tried to talked to him.

"I don't know if I can either but we still will" I looked at my daddy Mew and stand up from the chair. I walked towards him and continued "because it's a special day and that's how my papa Gulf want it." I said and holds my daddy Mew's arms.

"Yeah he would love to be there with his friends, got drunk, sing and dance the whole night hahaha" Daddy Mew laugh remembering my Papa Gulf. "My Queen" My daddy Mew smiled you can saw the love that he has for my Papa Gulf. I hugged my daddy Mew tightly.

"It would get better dad" I said and my daddy Mew just nodded and pat my head. He kissed my head and loosen the hug.

"I need to go dad" I said.

"Okay take care" i just nodded and left the house.

Mew's Pov
I just watch my son walk out of the room. He really grows up, like a man that can leave alone and he looks like his papa Gulf. How I wish he's still here with us.

I walked towards the box where i hide all the things of Gulf that i have. The pictures that I still keep,my camera that full of his pictures and our videos together. I get a frame that wrap into a fabric. I put it on the table and
unwrapped it, there the big picture of my Gulf this picture is the only picture i treasure the most. His genuine smile, his beautiful smile that I loved the most. His innocent eyes, his chestnut shape lips. I hug the frame and falls down the floor and cried hard.

"Love why did you leave me first, how can I leave without you, I miss you, i love you only you and I'm so sorry sorry sorry love" I cried out.

Third person Pov

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