Scared of the Dark

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*MG are not married in this one. Just dating.

*Mew and Gulf go to celebrate their 2 year anniversary.


Mew and Gulf was on their way out. It was their 2 year anniversary and Mew had made reservations for the both of them to have a lovely evening out.

Arriving at location Mew blind folded Gulf and led him to a doorway.

M: Okay I'm going to take the fold off now. Don't open your eyes unless I tell you to.

G: Okay. Hurry up though. You know how much I hate the dark.

Mew removed the blindfold for Gulf reminding him to keep his eyes closed. Opening the doorway Mew quietly walked besides Gulf and told him to open his eyes.

Tears welled up beautifully in the younger guys eyes as he looked at the surprise before him.

Behind the now open door way stood a rooftop beautifully decorated with golden lights hanging. A white banner with gold letters spelling out 2 YEARS WITH YOU!

As if that wasn't enough there stood a rectangular table with 2 chairs on opposite side and a beautiful boquet of sunflowers on the table. The table was nicely decorated with black and gold cloth with utensils organized neatly in their needed location.

M: Come on have a seat.

Leading Gulf to the chair by the doorway Mew pulled out the chair and handed him the sunflower.

M: This is for you. And so is everything else here. Happy 2 year anniversary baby.

Soft wails could be heard coming from Gulf, as he set the sunflower back on the table.

Mew went to hug his lover rubbing his hand smoothly across the others back.

M: Its okay. You deserve all this. Now put those tears away and let's celebrate our good two years together.

Minutes later Mew and Gulf were situated at the table eating food that Mew had some staffs deliver.

The anniversary dinner was well planned out as both went through light conversation.

M: Are you filled yet?

Mew questioned his lover who stared down at his empty plate with a light smile across his face.

G: Yes.

M: Well I have another surprise for you.

Looking up at Mew, Gulf saw his lover approach him with a bright beautiful smile.

Bowing down gently Mew outstretched his hand requesting Gulf to hold it.

Without a second guess the other guy did just that as Mew drew him to a bit of distance away from the table.

M: Wait here.

Pulling out his phone Mew put some music on when suddenly it could be heard all around them.

Gulf was guessing that the place either had a built in speaker or the organizers hid it really well.

Grabbing Gulf by the waist and entangling their arms both fellows moves gracefully to the music.

Mew had never been more in love.

It was in this moment that he really knew that Gulf was the one for him. And he had no other plans but to keep this man beside him for a long time.

Untangling their hands for a few seconds Mew reached into his pants pocket pulling out a tiny box.

Gulf took notice of the movement and finally made eye contact with his lover.

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