Who are They?

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*Jealousy scene

"I'll be back in a couple of hours." Gulf said as he kissed Mew on the cheeks before disappearing out the door with his sweater in hand.

Hailing a cab to an animal shelter Gulf met with Ton, his old friend from college whom he recently reacquainted himself with.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Ton asked as he noticed Gulf fidgeting

"No. 100% I'm not ready for this but i'll give it my best. I've seen others deal with it, so I hope to get over it quickly."

"Let's hope your motivational speech to yourself lasts long enough." Getting behind Gulf, Ton pushed him through the doors Gulf was dreading to enter.

The sound of barking could be heard not too far in the back and other animal noises followed.

"I think we should do this another day." Gulf spoke aloud as he made his way back to the door.

"No, no. You did not make me drive here on my day off only to back off now. Get your ass back in here."

He grasped Gulf by the collar right before the other could make it out the door.

Walking to the counter, Ton greeted Bane, one of his co-workers, and explained his visit. Since he works there he was allowed to stroll in the back with Gulf unsupervised.

Gulf stayed right behind Ton, grasping tightly unto the other guy's shirt.

"Goddamit gulf, let go."

"Shut up, you were the one who dragged me here."

"Me?? If you try to act smart I'll open one of those cages."

"My boyfriend will hunt you down if anything happens to me."

"The same boyfriend you haven't told him about me yet."

"Don't say it like I'm cheating with you on him, dummy."

"Now that you mention that. I want to know if your man is possessive if he was to ever see you with another guy."

"Oh he is. Very possessive, my friend always complain how vicious he looks when someone clings to me for too long."

"Then how do you thing he'd react to see you holding me like this."

"Say something stupid and I'll kick your flat ass."

"You're lucky we're here. Meet Vence a recent rescue. He's a Bichon Frise they're not very common in Thailand, and we think his owner must have lost him, so we're putting flyers out tomorrow. Hopefully he's here for the weekend only, so I hope that it's enough time to get a bit over your fear. He's one of the smallest animals we have here. He's fluffy so it would be easier to get used to him than the other animals in here. And as dogs are common pets, and the one you said your boyfriend have we'll try to get your comfortable here, okay?"

Gulf nodded as he stared at the fluffy creature who laid asleep in its tiny bed in the cage.

Ton's workplace was one of the nicest animal shelters he's ever been in, considering its his first ever time in an animal shelter.

Comfortable, clean, warm and neatly aligned cages lined around the building. And next door, was an animal hospital.

Ton petted the sleeping animals fur, as he guiding Gulfs hand through the cage door.

"Don't be scared okay. Take a deep breathe. As long as you pat the fur softly he shouldn't wake up. I don't know if you can deal with awake animals yet."

"I'm doing this for you Mew." Gulf whimpered as he reached out and followed Tons pattern of petting.

"See its not that bad. Just follow my strokes."

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