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I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard moving. I looked over my eyes barely even open seeing Mel putting on his shirt. It must've been time for him to go. I moved slightly making Mel turn around facing me. He smiled softly when he saw my eyes open. "Hey baby." He said quietly sitting down on the bed. "What time is it." I mumbled blinking a few times. "It's still really early you can go back to sleep." He said, his hand going to the side of my face. "You're leaving?" I mumbled sliding my hand on top of his. "Yea I gotta get back in time for work." He said caressing my cheek. I groaned sitting up slightly holding out both my arms towards him. He chuckled a bit before pulling me towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, my bare chest warm from being against him.

"I'll see you at home tonight." He said gently running his hand down my back leaving my exposed skin tingling. I nuzzled against his neck closing my eyes not wanting him to leave. "How long do you have until you need to go?" I mumbled. "I have to be on the road in at least five minutes." He said placing his hands on my waist. I groaned again softly. "I'm sorry baby but I gotta go." He said chuckling turning his head towards me. I lifted my head off his shoulder giving him access to kiss my cheek a few times. "I love you." He said letting go of me. "I love you too." I said softly hesitantly unwrapping my arms from around his neck. "Text me later when you're on the way home." He said. I nodded placing my hands on the bed. He kissed my forehead before standing from the bed.

I laid back down closing my eyes again. There was a bit of rustling then I heard the room door close. Before I could have too much thought about it I fell back asleep.


I walked out of the building after meeting with one of my company heads about the event last night. I told her what happened last night and she told me she'd take care of Lucas and that I'd have nothing to worry about. I had come over here to get my car too because we had left in Mel's last night. I was happy to be going home today but before that I had to go to a meeting with my company here today just to talk about what our next plan for any of our future work would be and to overall see where we were in our work. I'd be going home later tonight and I couldn't wait. I just wanted to cuddle with Mel and sleep. These few days seemed so long. Even though it was nice for me to be receiving this reward the event didn't go how I would've wanted it to. Instead of it being an all around perfect night all that I would want to remember is the night with Mel and receiving the award which I barely even remember.

I got into my car putting my purse in my passenger seat. I sighed just sitting there for a minute. My mind started to wander going back to last night. I'd never been in a dangerous position like that where I felt so helpless. I never had this problem with guys because I'd usually tell them I have a boyfriend and then they'd leave me alone or I'd always be with Mel. Lucas kept pushing though. It was pure luck that Mel showed up when he did because if he didn't then who knows what it could've turned in to. I could still feel the disgusting feeling of his hands holding me. I groaned shaking my head of the thought trying not to put myself in a bad mood for today.

I put my keys in the ignition starting up my car to drive away to where our meeting would be taking place. It was at some big office building in the area that was only like ten minutes away. I got out of my car once I'd parked and grabbed my purse. I walked into the building checking in at the front desk with my ID before heading towards the elevator. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out seeing a message from Mel. I opened it seeing he was just checking on me asking how I was feeling and when I'd be heading home. I smiled slightly before responding letting him know I was fine and I'd be home after this meeting which would probably be in the next two to three hours with how much time it'd take me to get back to my hotel and pack up my things.

He replied wishing me luck in my meeting and telling me to have safe travels because he wouldn't be able to text back for awhile. He had a conference to go to a little later today that would take up the rest of his night. I thanked him before putting my phone back in my purse as I got to the meeting room door.

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