chapter forty-seven

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y/n pov

me-"do you too want a minute alone or...?"

namjoon-"i- shut up" he said while turing slightly red while jin laughed whole heartedly

jin-"come on then we have things to do" he said while placing a hand on my shoulder to lead me out of the room

me-"so do i finally get to know the plan?"

jin-"you really are impatient today huh?" he teased as payback "well it's up to me and you to start the food garden so that we can make our own food to be self sufficient"

me-"well fair enough then"

jin-"have you ever done garden if before?"

me-"yeah! i'm actually quite good you know, i used to do it with my dad when i was younger, my mum loved to cook with fresh food and my dad wanted to make her happy so we ended up with a garden full of growing fruit and vegetables, it was so cute!"

jin-"that sounds lovely, so you'll be good with helping to know where things should go then?"

me-"yep, i think so"

'well at least i hope so' i thought

jin-"so these are the seeds we have" he says while presenting the packets to me

there were strawberry, raspberry, carrot, lettuce, tomato, potato, cucumber, apple and pear packets to grow

me-"geez how did we manage to get so many good ones?"

jin-"i guess others didn't think too far forward in the fact that they would need to grow their own food"

me-"i guess it's good that we have smart people with us then"

jin-"with us? are you saying i'm not smart?" he says while dramatically slamming his palm onto his chest above his heart


me-"um no i never meant that you were dumb or anything"

jin-"it's fine, i understand, at least i still have my handsome face"

me-"your unbelievable" i joked

jin-"i know!" he says while beginning to pose

me-"today's gonna be a long day" i joked at him

jin-"hey!" he said while beginning to laugh and shove me slightly

we began to section out the packets, fruit on the left, vegetables on the right and the tree plants in the middle

me-"jin where is yoongi? i haven't seen him"

jin-"unsurprisingly he's taking a nap"

me-"who would have thought?" i joked

jin-"i swear he's like a cat"

namjoon-"okay so i have the plan here of where everything should go" he says while handing us a map "now i need to go wake up mr grumpy so that we can start our task"

jin-"okay so according to this: tae and jungkook will build the fence with the wood you collected with yoongi at the front of the house, j-hope and jimin at the back, namjoon and yoongi are gonna start somewhere in the middle to fill it in quicker while you and me start making the garden ready" i just nod

me-"so shall we put the fruits here in this area and then the vegetables here?"

jin-"yes and we can also put the apples and pears over there as they need to grow into actual trees"

me-"sounds like a plan"

jin-"it's good that you are part of this little duo since you actually have a brain"

me-"i never said that you don't have a brain!"

jin-"ah yes just that i don't use it?"

me-"your so annoying"


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