2|| Caramel Latte

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"What can I get you sir?" I questioned

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"What can I get you sir?" I questioned.

"Caramel latte with caramel toppings and whipped cream" he ordered and I almost melted to my knees. His voice changed a lot, but a good change... really good change.

"Coming right up" I said giving him a tight lip smile. 

I went to work on making his coffee and took a peak behind to see him looking down at his phone. He seem disinterested in whatever or whoever he was talking too.

Stop. It's like your stalking him, that's weird and creepy. He probably thinks you're judging him. I felt a little hurt, we haven't seen or spoken to each other in six years and he does not even acknowledge my presence. Like we are just two complete strangers meeting for the first time.

When I was finished I turned around to find him already staring at me. I slid his latte across the counter and he placed a 20 dollar bill on the counter. I grabbed the bill off the counter and put it inside the cash register. 

He exited the cafe and I sighed cracking my knuckles. Violet came up beside me and I turned to see her already waiting for an explanation. "What?" I questioned and she shook her head. 

"Don't give me any of that Av, you obviously know him" she cheered clapping her hands together.

"No I don't" I denied and that caused her grin to widen.

"Oh you so do" she laughed dropping the subject already picking up that I didn't want to talk about it. 

"Do you think his friends are as hot as him?" Violet questioned and I lightly hit her shoulder rolling my eyes.

"Maybe" I shrugged. That's even if the big bad wolf had friends since all he cares about is himself not his one and only best friend who was in a dark place.

"You say that like you know his friends" Violet accused and I laughed shaking my head in denial. I grabbed the green wash cloth and cleaned the area I made his caramel latte on. 

I definitely did not know his friends.

"I don't Violet I'm just assuming" I defended and she paused for minute going deep in thought. After a couple seconds she nodded her head understanding.

As I finished the bell on the front door rang and I greeted the woman with a smile on my face. She had one of the most kindest smile on her face and my smile widen. She looked to be in her mid thirties. Her skin was dark and her brown curly hair looked amazing. For a second I would think she was just one of the usual teenagers who came in here.

The rest of the day went by slowly. I couldn't wait to go home and plop down on my bed. My muscles were sore and I desperately needed to tell dad about what happened earlier. It's best he knew since they are looking to meet him. 

"Violet do you need a ride home?" I yelled as I sweep the floors. There was a lot of crumbs on the floor and I wondered who even let it fall on the floor. Totally not me, I'm a very clean and responsible person.

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