49: The Game

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This chapter will contain slight violence, blood, and some uncomfortable scenes ahead.
And i obviously don't support em in real life....but its for the sake of story. Soo...yeah :D
Get ready bitches~~~

3rd person pov

They looked at abandoned building thinking what could happen inside it. Either they will win and get back their precious sister safely, or....... They didn't want to think about the other. They gulped hard at looked at each other with strong eyes, everyone is refusing to show that they r weak.

After setting all their men in place, loading everything, checking everything for the 100th time, namjoon spoke in the earpiece gaining all other's attention.
Everyone, get ready. Don't be nervous or scared. Remember, we've defeated many gangs powerful than them. We can't let anything happen bad. Give ur best. Nobody can beat us.
He said with determination in his voice which made everyone confidence.

Yes leader
They mouthed in a low voice but their voice held rage and determination behind. Once they were done, they started attacking them. One by one, all their men were dead, it was a war field, a pool of blood. And that what made them more confident, seeing all their men fall one by one, made them think that, they're close to ending.

Just as they were about to check all the room, a voice stopped them. The voice which they despise so much, the voice which they hate with all their heart. The voice which made them scared for once in the battle field.
Look who's here? The world famous, the top most mafia gang, BANGTAN SONYEONDAN.
He said in a mocking voice making all of them clench their jaw in annoyance.

Oh wait! There's another slave with them!!! The great great Jackson wang! The best friend of Lee Minhyuk! Who's dead now.
He said the last part looking right into their eyes making them think the ways to torture him once they get him. And the mention of minhyuk just triggered their inner beast. But he didn't stop. He continued.

Now why so sudden visits buddy? Remembered me after so long!? Ohhh wait-
He made a face like he's thinking something then clicked his tongue.
U r here for ur dear sister? Owwwh she's my sister as well! I have been taking a good care of her!
He said in a mocking voice making everyone impatient. But still, they kept calm as they knew losing temper won't work.

Why r u guys here? Huh? Don't u hate her? For betraying u?
He said smirking which added fuel in their anger. They would shot his right on his skull and end the game, but they knew, it will just only increase the problem. They didn't utter a single word just kept silent. This encouraged him to trigger them more.

U know, I've been waiting for u guys. All the siblings, together oh oh wait~~ step siblings i mean. (A.n: too much drama ik😅😂)
All the members were flaming in anger now. Some just looked away not wanting to look at his annoying face (a.n: nwwwooooo he's handsome😭😭 ok sorry)

Enough of greetings. What about a warm welcome? Huh? After all my long lost friends came to see me~~ after sooo longggg~~
He started whistling and in no time, hundreds of his men surrounded bangtan. Both the opponents looking at each other with smirk on their face. (A.n: why does hidden apps doesn't allow to add pictures.😶 $#&!*€£₩ ok np. This means less sufferings to ma dear readers😆😭)

Bangtan looked around and chuckled internally seeing the number of men. This is nothing to them, compared to their strengths. Kai blew another whistle and with that one blow, all his men attacked the bangtan.

The fighting continued. Sounds of gunshots, knives, screams filled the place. And in no time, all his men were on the ground  (a.n: everything i need is on the gRoUnD. No sorry i don't need THEM. Bye xD) Kai smirked seeing them groaning in pain and the bangtan standing there like nothing happened. In fact there wasn't a single scratch on them.

Kai chuckled then clapped whilst walking closer to them.
Looks like the bangtan is.....still the strong as before. Huh? But not anymore-
Before they could react, all felt their hands being tied back and bended on their knees. Some of his men attacked them from behind.

U fucking coward, why are u attacking us from the behind huh?
Yoongi spoke through his gritted teeth. Kai bended to his level and smirked titling his head. He looked like a complete psychopath rn. (A.n. no a complete hot scene~~)
Why u ask? Don't u remember when u guys attacked my father? Did u attacked from the front? Where was ur bravery back then?

Kai look. U don't know anything. Stop doing these. We can talk calmly and settle-
Jackson was cut off by kai's sarcastic laugh. But it surely seemed painful.
After ruining my everything, my life, m-my family, U GUYS EXPECT ME TO STAY CALM, TO SETTLE THIS? WHAT WILL U SETTLE? BRING MY FATHER BACK?

He bursted out breaking down. All of the  shook their head in disbelief. They felt pity for him. But that was for 2 seconds. He started laughing like a maniac sending chills down everyone's spine.
Now it's time my friend, time for everyone to pay. Every.single.one (a.n. ....what about the mingle ones? Lmao sry) Get ready for the ultimate game.


Soyon pov

I closed my eyes in disgust. I felt disgusted by myself for not being able to fight back. Tears were falling nonstop from my eyes. But suddenly, he stopped doing what he was doing and looked at me into my teary eyes. He proceed to wipe them up but i moved away my face in pure disgust.

U know, kai is really dangerous. I really don't get why he still didn't touch u. He was supposed to do it a long ago. But he didn't do it with u. Guess- he's different with u huh?
Ha said and i just stayed silent. He sat up from me making me sigh in relief under my breath (a.n: lmao how- ok nvm)

Look i don't have any intention to snatch away something that already belongs to someone-
He said making me scrunch up my brows. Did he meant I'm a 'thingue'? That mf-
And i already have a girlfriend-
He was saying nonsense i know, but i stayed silent cursing him under my breath continously.
But...but.....it won't harm in having fun right?
I gulped hard as i saw him coming closer.

Let's play a game babe~~

End of chapter 49

Woaa so many games lol. How was it? It's getting interesting ikr. Amd also dramatic 😂

Is it cliffhanger? 😶😅 ok nevermind

Oh btw. Do u want an epilogue? Ik i don't have a prologue....and I'm too lazy to make it now. But i kind of sketches the prologue.....😅 so tell me, if ya want~~

Let's break our plans and live just like we're golden
And roll in like we're dancing fools~~~wooooo


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