Chapter 27: Wrong Move

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"L-lady Dianne? As my mom?" Jennette was surprised when she heard it from the Gentleman. The truth is she doesn't know what to reply. Lady Dianne's aura was truly similar to a mother's warmth, however...

Jennette knows that being Lady Dianne's daughter was out of the picture, she can't be her daughter and Lady Dianne will never be her mother. The Lady has her own family, how could she become her mother? besides... she doesn't even know if she's qualified to be her daughter.

But it was happy to imagine if Lady Dianne was her real mother. 

"You're right, Mister" Jennette replied with a sad tone. "I know that it is impossible, but if it's possible I would like to become her daughter" Jennette paused. "Sometimes, I imagine things like if I was born into a normal family or if I have a complete family. Maybe if I am not a Del Alger Obelia, a warm person like Lady Dianne would become my mom"

Anastacius became silent. "Do you regret that you've been born as the Emperor's daughter?"

"Mister, I love my family, especially my sister. However..." Jennette raised her head to meet the mister's eyes. This is the first time that she would answer a question, truthfully and according to her real feelings. Jennette smiled at Anastacius. "Today, I do"


"What's wrong? I have Lady Diana's permission" Lucas answered to the Emperor.

Claude glanced at Diana who suddenly became nervous. "You did?" He asked her. Diana cleared her throat. The answer was actually all over her face, Of course, as the number one shipper of LucAthy, She did!

But not when Claude is around!

Lucas made a wrong move.

Diana suddenly felt the urge to smack her future son-in-law's head. It was true that she permitted him, however, why does he have to say that in front of Claude?! Athanasia's father?! The Emperor?!

'Son-In-Law, I really like you for my daughter but if you will do this again...' Diana glared at the magician, Lucas flinched when he felt that glare. 'Just do this one more time and I will not make it easy for you anymore, I will really make sure that you will be more terrified at me more than my Claude!' 

That's right, She is the real boss here, the unexpected plot twist. If Lucas will be on her bad side...

Then all we could say is 'Goodluck'

Diana took a deep sigh, "Well..." She scratched her cheeks, "Yes, I kinda did..." She replied in hesitation. "But it's not what you think. Lucas did a great help with Athy, I permitted him but only when he needs to report or discuss something with Athanasia..."

Of course, that's a half Lie! The truth is sometimes Lucas would come here only to annoy her beloved daughter! They would sometimes join their forces to tease Athanasia!

Diana glanced at Lucas. "I trust this young warlock, but if his Majesty wants me to restrict him from coming here..." A smile appeared on her face. "I don't mind doing it, but that will be a huge problem since this young magician is a great help to the princess"

It's not like Diana could go against Claude.

Actually, she can...

"Besides, Lucas is a good child, he listens to me very well" Diana continued to explain. In Lucas's ears, there was a meaning behind that word but that was not the case for the emperor and the princess.

Athanasia and Claude glanced at the Magician. The two of them had the same thought inside their heads. That? Good child? You call him a child? The Black Tower Magician? He's even older than Claude! and what good? He is a brat! A brat!

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