4. Pied Piper

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Anna was just old enough to remember what it was like before. Before soulmates were a reality and not just a dream. Before we had a concrete way of knowing who our soulmates were. Before physical manifestations of the bond between souls started to appear.

She remembered when she was a young girl, dreaming and wishing that one day she would find her soulmate. That one special person just for her, who would complete her and love her unconditionally. At the time, she was too young to consider that she was already complete, that she didn't need another person to make her whole.

Things were different now. Soulmates were no longer just a dream; they were a normal occurrence. The reality of soulmates was different from the fairy-tale. Before, there was no proof, no physical evidence that someone was your soulmate. It was a belief that the person you had chosen was perfect for you. Now, there was no choice, no need to guess, because you were marked.

After you bonded with your soulmate, a tattoo-style ring - a soul-mark - would appear on both your left ring fingers. The soul-mark would be unique to you and your soulmate. No one else mark would be the same, unless you part of the same soul-group.

When the soul-marks first started appearing, soul-groups were not widely accepted. For so long the concept of a soulmate had meant a single person who was perfect just for you. The idea that a person could have more than one soulmate was hard for many people to grasp. However, as more soul-groups appeared, and the new generation declared them proudly, they were normalised.

Love is a complicated emotion that comes in many forms. Many people began to wonder, did soulmates need to have a romantic relationship. The term had been used before between best friends who believed that they were meant to find each other. The more open-minded the world became, the more accepted soulmates were, particularly soul-groups.

The soul-mark was only proof that you had found your soulmate, it didn't help you find them. It was found that when you are near an unbonded soulmate you will have a strong feeling that is not your own. It took a while for people to realise that this feeling is usually something that you are missing, and your soulmate can provide for you. Before you bond, this feeling is unmistakeably strong. However, once the soulmates have kissed, - and therefore sealed the bond - the feeling would dampen.

Anna still dreamed of the day she would find her soulmate. She still wished to find someone who was perfect for her. Even so, she wasn't as hung up on the idea as many girls were. She didn't go out searching or approach every guy she saw hoping she would feel something. While they were all obsessed with finding a traditional soulmate, all Anna truly wanted was a best friend.

This didn't stop Anna from being a romantic. She loved watching romantic movies and reading romantic books. Her favourite fictional soulmates were Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, Claire Randal and Jamie Fraser. She loved love, but the closest she had ever come to experiencing it herself was in her imagination with her favourite fictional characters. That was until she discovered BTS.

It was almost like any of her other obsessions. She could watch them or read stories about them for hours, just like her beloved fictional characters. However, they were different. The members of BTS weren't fictional, they were real people.

Over the first few months after she discovered BTS, Anna felt as though she finally knew what falling in love felt like. For each member it was different. With Jungkook it was love at first sight. It was unusual for Anna to think of someone as beautiful so quickly. The feeling of attraction was something that usually came after she got to know someone's character.

She remembered the first time she noticed this; it was while watching a movie. In the beginning, Anna didn't think much of the leading man's looks, but by the end his kind personality made him appear handsome to her.

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